beet & avocado soup with cashew cream

Many of you have been asking for simple recipes that are comforting in these chilly winter months, when eating raw can be its most challenging time. To be honest, I find myself eating the most raw food in winter! It is probably because the first time I jumped into the 100% raw diet, it was winter time. Something to do with my subconscious, I’m sure.

Thanks, Freud. 

In any case though, generally winter is when we crave heavier, heartier, warm foods. When it’s cold, your body is working harder to keep you warm so you want to eat more, as one might expect. So although a fruit bowl may be delicious and totally satisfying in warmer months, it might not be just what you want when the sun goes away and temperatures go down for a while.  SO what do we raw foodies eat? Raw soup! For me, it’s the perfect winter meal. It is filling, easy to make and digest (think of it a savoury smoothie), delicious, warming and beautiful.

Instead of cooking soups all day on the stove - which, I certainly can’t deny, creates a heavenly, homey aroma - you simply blend a few whole food ingredients together with spices and hot water. The spices warm you up from the inside out and you feel satisfied with the nourishing bowl of goodness you just enjoyed. The colours are always outstanding, as a plus. But then, aren’t they always with raw food?

Mother Nature sure knows how to paint a beautiful canvas. 

beet & avocado soup with cashew cream: serves 2 or 3

1/2 avocado 
1 peeled beet
1 tablespoon tamari
1 tablespoon miso
1 peeled garlic clove
1 tablespoon peel fresh ginger root (optional) 
1 1/4 cups hot water (approximately) 
3 mushrooms
pinch of salt & pepper
juice of 1/2 lemon 

Cashew Cream:
1/4 cup soaked, drained cashews with enough water to cover them
Pinch of cinnamon & salt

To make the soup: blend everything together in your Vitamix until very smooth. Taste and adapt to your liking. Place in bowls and set aside. 

To make the cashew cream: blend the cashews with the water, salt and cinnamon until creamy. Add a little more water if you don't want it so thick. Change it as you like. Spoon onto your soup and enjoy! I recommend adding some fresh herbs and seeds. I used peppermint and pumpkin seeds but any combination would be lovely.