chocolate coffee face mask

i've had the worst sleeping hours lately and because of it i have been suffering deprivation symptoms - puffy face, baggy eyes, messed up digestion, and just being really frickin tired but not being able to fall asleep. SO I FINALLY DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT . i made this glorious, delicious, chocolate coffee face mask, adapted from crunchy betty. here it is on my face. laugh at me.

chocolate coffee face mask: makes enough for one face... aaaand a snack

2 tablespoons freshly, finely ground organic coffee
2 tablespoons cacao/cocoa powder
water/fresh almond milk, as needed

mix the coffee and cacao together and add water until it's a good face mask consistency. you want it sticky but easy to spread. smear all that goodness onto your gorgeous face and gobble up the leftovers in the bowl! yum! i don't even like coffee... let it stay on for around 15 or 20 minutes. rinse it off gently with warm water.

P.S. this is a lovely song that i am obsessed with currently. you'll probably think it's weird but i hope you like.