10 day juice fast: day 9

SO CLOSE! i have the rest of today, and tomorrow... then i fill my body with the raw food it's been craving the last few days. i'm so excited to jump back into raw food and the entire lifestyle. it's time for this juice fast to END!

don't get me wrong. i haven't begun to hate juice or fasting or anything. i still love and respect it as much as i did on day 1. but i want to EAT! today i was writing down a bunch of recipes i can't wait to make after saturday. they are all raw versions (besides the toasted rice) and include:

- zucchini pasta with creamy alfredo and cauliflower "parmesan" crumble
- tomato and pine nut lasagna with marinated mushrooms, eggplant and herbs
- veggie pizza with sun dried tomato and garlic sauce, marinated peppers and pineapple
- spinach avocado soup with garlic, onion and tomatoes
- sushi rolls of mango, cucumber and avocado with toasted brown rice and sweet/sour tahini dipping sauce
- yam burgers with sunflower seeds and all the fixins, along with jicama fries and chipotle dip
- durian ice cream and cacao nibs, spiced with cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg
- chocolate discs layered with spiced bananas, dried figs, and organic berries

you better be thinking "HECK YES!" i sure am. 
my passion for life and raw foods has been REBORN!

today i went out and bought frozen durian meat for the pudding, and we got avocados a couple days ago so they will be ripe by saturday. (because first things first: i want salad, and salad ain't complete without avocado.) we also bought some castor, jojoba and avocado oil because from now on i will be using a mix of them for my facial cleanser. check this out. i love this site. we went to the library (best place evaaa!) too and i finally got mad cowboy. i've been meaning to read this book for a long time but i've been distracted by... life? and other excellent novels. i know it will seem a bit dated, but i also know it'll make me really proud to be vegan - and get me re-inspired to convert others!

yes... i used the word "convert". veganism is totally a religion, folks.
seriously though, i do worship my kale.

my mom made a big pitcher of juice this morning before we went grocery shopping so i drank the one recipe all day. it was yummarific and made of:

2 oranges
2 apples
1 grapfruit
2 mini cukes
1 1/2 cups grapes
huge chunk ginger
1/2 pineapple
1 cup cantelope
1/2 large bell pepper

my energy levels are alright today, better than in the middle there. yikes. i must admit, i've snuck in a few strawberries. my logic is that i'm juicing them... in my mouth. don't argue with it. this saturday i will back in my own bed (i've been house sitting all week), eating food again, and seeing special people in my life that i haven't seen for weeks! i am very excited, and at the same time i am keeping the importance of these last 2 days of juice fasting in my mind and soul.

talk to you all tomorrow! much love. namaste.

oh and p.s. - i can't take all the credit for those recipe ideas. i always make up my own but here's a few that got me creating: durian pudding, fettucine alfredo, and jicama fries.