29 Jun 2012

10 day juice fast: day 10

day 10 is here! and almost done! it's really strange to think i won't be only consuming juice tomorrow... i will be having solid food. crazy. a part of me is a little scared to go back to food. i know i'll have no regrets once i eat but i've gotten used to juice, and i love what the fast has done for me. at the same time, tomorrow is like christmas!

i spent my final day of fasting having a great time with amber. we drove downtown and got E3 Live shots at Buddha-Full. i won't lie... i prefer wheat grass. but then i LOVE wheat grass juice. i know some people think it's too strong but personally i think it's delicious and sweet on it's own! the E3 Live however was pretty bitter. we had orange and lemon slices for chase. 

what do you think of E3 Live shots? compared to wheat grass?

next we stopped at sejuiced and got... you guessed it. juice. amber is having a raw day :) i got the "body and soul" juice and she got something with "energy" in the name. can't go wrong there.

then we went to kits (hippie central: my home land) and visited banyen books. I LOVE THIS PLACE! my mom had been telling me it was my kind of store and that i needed to go for awhile now, but i didn't have a chance until today. oh boy. heaven. they had a book on tiny houses, a whole shelf dedicated to juicing, fasting and raw food (and two others for vegan, whole foods and vegetarian diets), and everywhere you looked was something to do with harmony, om, buddha, chimes, meditation music, and generally just beautiful things.

finally we walked down to the beach and sat on opposite ends. i was able to meditate and reflect on the past 10 days, as well as anticipate the near future and my feelings about both strands of time. exactly what i needed. after that i fell into a om-like state and have stayed that way since. i will sleep very well tonight i think, and wake up tomorrow to face a day of eating!

oh and i do want to mention, tonight i had some nut milk. this is my juice fast and i'll do it the way i want to, tonight i felt nut milk would hit the spot. some people might be stricter and consume nothing but juice for 10 days (which is essentially what i did, of course), but i'm totally fine with eating a strawberry here and there, and having nut milk on the last days. my body is thrilled either way ;)

i got an idea from this glass of milk actually... i'm gonna make a cashew banana chocolate milkshake tomorrow ;) stay tuned, my darlings! i want to thank you all for the support and positive energy you gave me during these past 10 days.


Unknown said...

Félicitation for your juice fest ! I would love to try it and have your as my juice helping friend! :)

Em von Euw said...

thanks so much, lysa! woohoo, that'd be a ton of fun ;)

lina palm said...

Just recently found your blog, and i think it's fantastic! so inspiring and beautiful, i'll read it every day. i'm against processed food and try to eat raw, so it will be perfect for me. thank you

Em von Euw said...

thank you so much, lina! :) that's great to hear. feel free to comment whenever you like! it makes me happy.

lina palm said...

of course i will, definitely :) excited to read more in the future

Emily said...

Congratulations on completing your beautiful juice fast! I'm planning on doing my own within the next week. Do you have any recommendations for creating good juice combinations that have all the necessary nutrients (fruits vs veggies) and whatnot? I wish avocados could be juiced... ;)

Em von Euw said...

man, i agree with you on the avocado. i missed my lovely green avocados during the fast.

i wouldn't worry too much about getting all the necessary nutrients, it's gonna be pretty easy. you'll notice quick that to get a good-sized glass of juice you'll have to juice a big pile of fruits and veggies. so you're gonna be getting TONS of nutrients without even trying.

but as you can see in my recipes, i like a mix of sweet fruits (pineapple, apple, orange, berries, kiwi) and "veggies" (really just non-sweet fruits like tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, etc). carrots, ginger, celery, beets and greens are great too. but some juicers can't really juice greens so that depends :/

experiment to see what you like! some combinations taste better than others. one of my faves was:

3 carrots
3 celery sticks
1 apple
1 orange
huge chunk ginger
2-3 pineapple slices

Emily said...

Thank you! I'll be sure to try it!

Sarah said...

Hey Emily!
Just read all your posts from your juice
Fast and I loved them! I've been thinking of doing a week long juice fast and you have inspired me for sure! I think I would do three juices a day myself tho...were you having just plain water for the time inbetween juices? Good call on waiting on the water cleanse as well!

Em von Euw said...

thanks sarah! very excited to hear that :)
yeah i'd say 3 juices a day would be a better idea. i was getting pretty tired by the end because i just had 2 a day plus water in between.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your previous juice fasting journeys. Do you have a pre fast diet? Also, have you thought of doing an extended juice fast past 10 days?