20 Jun 2012

10 day juice fast: day 1

today has been great so far. last night i had three amazing friends show up at my door unexpectedly, so we had a party. what does a party mean? it means the lost boys, pho noodle soup, animal collective, and lots of laughing.

so much laughing we kept my dad up, actually. then today i slept forever - that means until 2 in the afternoon. you know i'm really a cat. after my deep slumber i took a shower and laid out in the backyard to dry off in the sunshine. (side note: i've been listening to grimes all day - she's so good, perfect background music for today.)

i did some stuff around the house and was finally starting to get hungry so i made my first juice of the fast! it was made of:

3 carrots
4 sticks celery
handful strawberries
1 orange
1 kiwi
1 bell pepper
1 apple


it. was. amazing. 

i am actually more of a smoothie-lover myself (addicted to green smoothies for life. what's up, kale.) but all it took was one glass of fresh juice to get me right back into juicing! for a period i made veggie juice every morning but i got tired of it. i love fiber and when you juice - you take out the fiber. however, sans fiber has it's own benefits: you get lightning-fast absorption. i'm talkin' like 15 minutes, people.

BAM - it's in your blood. 
in any case, juice fasting has probably saved lives. ann wigmore really popularized juicing and especially wheatgrass juice in the 60's. she showed people juice fasting and raw food could cure disease and rejuvenate the chronically ill. you go, girl.

there's even a documentary about one man who pretty much saved his own life with a juice fast. he went from being "fat, sick and nearly dead" to at the peak of his fitness. here's the link. this doc is so inspiring!!! i loved it. through this juice fast and my 21-day water fast, i also plan to do a lot of reading, writing, painting, yoga and meditation.

time to get back to who i am!

look what i found today! the summer's first strawberry! oh my goodness. i gobbled the little fellow up and promptly ascended into heaven. please, grow your own food if you can - it will be the most luscious, flavourful food you will ever eat.

for dinner, i had a similar juice of carrots, celery, an apple, an orange, strawberries and a bell pepper. but i also added a tomato and a chunk of ginger. it was actually glowing, i think. i feel on top of the world right now! we'll see how tomorrow goes.


Christine said...

Did you sign up for the cleanse or are you just doing the 10 days on your own foods and recipes? I received the emails but didn't sign up.. I have a race on July 8th so with training a cleanse isn't appropriate for me right now but was thinking of it later to re-set my system. I need to pull out my juicer again too! Enjoy!

Em von Euw said...

I didn't officially sign up, no. I'm participating... in spirit. haha. I live in Canada anyway.
I also subscribed just to see how the progress in the states goes :)

Good luck on your race! Tell me about your juice fasting when you get to it!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, did you just do 2 juices a day for all the 10 days? I would love to do this, but think I might need more servings so I don't starve....

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't own a juicer but do enjoy a good smoothie. Even my one year old enjoys a good green smoothie in his big boy cup! I love it! Anyway, I usually don't add all these veggies to my smoothies, just spinach and fruit is what I enjoy. I'm debating on a smoothie fast. Would all of these ingredients taste good in a smoothie form? I'm nervous about celery and peppers and stuff in my smoothie?

Em von Euw said...

That's awesome to hear - kids know what their bodies want! Hmm.. personally I would not use my juice recipes to make smoothies. To do a smoothie cleanse - just make whatever smoothies you like! Fruit and spinach are excellent! You'll feel great and your body will love you!

Unknown said...

Why wouldn't you use your vegetables foe a smoothie fast? I am about to embark on a 10 day juice or smoothie fast and I am trying to determine which is best.

Unknown said...

How I love to drink juice almost everyday. It is good for the health and a source of Vitamin C.