30 May 2012

motorcycles, tiny houses and... humanure!?

hey, my darlings. i'm sorry the posts have been less frequent than normal lately. i've been sleeping like a bear in winter, and eating salad.

lots of salad. 

in the pictures shown, i've been using a balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil dressing, sometime i blend it with herbs, miso and garlic. the greens are spinach, and 3 different kinds of lettuce from the garden, along with herbs. the ones above are dill, oregano and ... ? i can't remember the name of the last one.

then i load on tomatoes, cucumber, olives, figs, avocado, and we had baked potatoes one day so i used that. yum!

here's a recipe, if that description wasn't enough. 

i've also been researching for the motorcycle trip my dad and i will be taking at the end of summer. i'm so excited! you can see the route we're following here.

so far i've just been finding veg-friendly restaurants we can eat at along the way. happy cow is a terrific website for finding vegetarian and vegan eateries all around the world. i can't wait to get to jasper, because i discovered they have a raw vegan cafe there called gratitude cafe! how cool is that. here's some of their food:

i've found vegan places nearly everywhere else too. next - finding camping sites. originally we were going to hotel it, but it's going to be the perfect time of year to camp, and it makes the whole trip more interesting. any chance to be closer to nature and i'm there!

i have also been getting increasingly stoked about building my tiny home. you know what i'm talking about. i think the weebee is my favourite model from tumbleweed tiny houses.

it's 102 square feet - just right, not too big and not too small. i sound like goldie locks here. anyways, i am planning on buying the building plans but tweaking them for my personal desires =)

that means i'm going to use recycled materials and antique windows, have no need for an oven/stove, have a closed water system, install solar panels, and have a composting toilet!

composting toilet? huh?

i know. sounds a little weird... and smelly. but not to fret. apparently they're the greatest. check it out! it's called "humanure". you can see humaure's book online for free here. aren't their chapter titles great? all you do is build a box around a bin/bucket and make it look like a normal toilet. you do your business and cover it with wood shavings.

 it doesn't smell at all! this means i won't have to figure out plumbing. i just dump this stuff in the forest or bury it in the dirt wherever i will be living. and hey - after a year i can use my compost as, well, compost! circle of life, my friends.

don't you judge me. everyone should do this!


Anonymous said...

I love you

-your lover

Em von Euw said...

i love you, lover.

Anonymous said...

First of all- I love your blog. You are such an inspiration! I love the TumbleWeed houses! My husband and I are going to buy a piece of land somewhere and do the same thing someday! I actually grew up with a composting toilet in New Mexico- not a big deal at all. It never smelled or looked gross or anything. We used peat-moss instead of wood shavings. Also- I work at a solar company in California! it is Wholesale Solar- look us up. I am not in the sales department anymore but i would be thrilled to help you figure out the right system for your home when you get around to it.
Good luck! Thanks for all of your posts. I've been calling myself "High-raw/high vegan" since I try not to be super strict. Your blog is the perfect place to be on the internet. Yum!

Em von Euw said...

thank you so much for all those kind words, allie! that's awesome, the tiny house movement is growing, haha =)
i'm really excited now for the toilet! i've heard only good things about them, and your comment keeps with that.
oh man, that'd be perfect if you could help me out. solar power is definitely the way to go, for me anyway. please email me so i have your email for contact in the future!

i remember finding out about the "high raw" label, it fit me perfectly =) still does! plus it sounds so cool.

Stacey said...

Hi Emily! I love your blog, and I'm right with you in loving the tiny tumbleweed houses! It's a beautiful concept to imagine such a closed system way of living, completely sustainable from solar energy to humanure composting. It's not gross at at - it's a phenomenal way to realize, and minimize, the impact each of our choices makes. Keep us updated with your success!

Em von Euw said...

thanks, stacey! =) mhm, being totally self-sustainable, and portable!! now that i'm planning to do this, i cant imagine living any other way.

haha no it aint gross at all! its way cooler than flushing our waste to who-knows-where in a complicated, unsustainable, energy-wasting water system! hurray for humanure!

i will give updates for sure - im so excited to share my journey and hear what you guys have to say.

olives and peaches said...

Hey Emily! Just looking over all your old recipes...which i shouldn't be doing because I'm on day 4 of my juice fast and its making me toooooo hungry. But I saw that you were going to build a tiny house! my partner and I have done lots of research on them and they're such an ace idea..we're thinking of doing one on our property even if its just used as a guest house because quiet recently we've decided to do an earth ship maybe.. Did you end up building the house or going forward with those plans? I also saw that at one stage you were going to do a 21 day water fast..I'd love to talk with you about that because I've been thinking about doing a weekly 24 hour water fast and then throwing longer ones in occasionally throughout the year. Anywayyyy, sustainability rocks. We're designing our farm on permaculture principles and hope to be fully off the grid and sustainable in the next few years. Love your work. From Australia, Chantelle xx

Em von Euw said...

uh ooooh haha yes that is dangerous territory ;) STAY STRONG.
i'm still living at home until i graduate from university and my parents say I can't build my house until then :/ The plan is still there though! As for the water fast, I'm also still planning on doing that but I did a 10 day juice fast right before I was meant to do the water fast... and that was enough for me. I listen to my body over my ego :)

But yeah I think the 1 day water fast each week is a great idea! I'm working towards that too.


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