banana ice cream cupcakes with chocolate-peanut butter icing

Everybody loved these.

My little brother and parents started eating them and immediately proclaimed it was one of the best raw desserts I'd ever made! I agree they were pretty tasty... maybe not the best thing I've ever made though (that will always be my vanilla coconut ice cream, hehe).

Actually, this dessert is one of the things that planted the blog-idea seed. My family couldn't believe I made it up, and they said I should start a blog to show people how easy and delicious raw food can be. At first I wasn't too keen on it, but after a few weeks it sounded like not a bad plan. And so, here I am.

The crust is a mix of sprouted almonds and buckwheat, coconut oil and agave nectar. I just pressed that into cupcake molds. 

Then I filled them with a banana ice cream made of blended frozen bananas, vanilla, and cinnamon. 

The chocolate-PB icing was a blend of cocoa, peanuts, agave nectar, and water... or something like that.

I admit the topping is not 100% raw, 'cause I used toasted peanuts (and cocoa). As much as I would love to say I bought a big bag of raw jungle peanuts and cacao online and used those... I cannot =( But I like to think that my readers are pretty open minded and some toasted peanuts won't destroy their day.

Besides, there's nothing like chocolate and peanut butter! The icing was just that - it tasted like Reeses.

They're really good when you let the banana ice cream melt just a wee bit. Then the whole thing becomes a nutty, Reeses-y, banana mess... a delicious mess.