banana-choco-coconut cream pie: they asked for it!

The other night, my family and I were just finishing up dinner and clearing the table when my Dad asked:

"So what'd you make us tonight, Em?"  He, of course, was referring to dessert.

I usually have made some sort of sweet treat for after dinner because my father and I both share the von Euw sweet tooth. But not tonight! So I promised my brothers and Dad I would make them whatever they wanted... TOMORROW night. They asked for some sort of cream pie, they didn't care if it was cooked or raw.

So the next day I basically just fiddled around and kept adding yummy things into the food processor and before I knew it - I had created a delicious cream pie filled with cocoa (not raw, can't afford cacao yet), bananas, chia seeds, coconut, dates, cinnamon, agave, and a few other things too.

I like to add chia seeds for their gelatin-like properties, not to mention their fibre and protein. When you add chia seeds to a bit of water, they almost immediately start gelling; this is has to do with their high content of soluble fiber. So they're a perfect addition to raw cream pies, or anything else you want to thicken up.

I added an AMAZINGLY simple chocolate (recipe below) sauce on top before serving it to my very impressed (if I do say so myself) boys. They ate it up as if it was a conventional dairy-filled pie! Little did my 14 year old brother know he was devouring fruits and seeds!!! Mwa ha ha... I love raw food.

Chocolate Sauce: Makes a small bowl

3-4 T cocoa/cacao
3-4 T melted coconut oil
2-4 T agave/honey/maple syrup
1 t vanilla extract 
Pinch of cinnamon and salt, if you want
Coconut flakes, if you want 

Mix it all together and enjoy! Feel free to add anything you want to it, the possibilities are endless. This is great for dipping in fruit, swirling in ice cream, putting in or on cakes, cookies, or pies... it's great for just about anything. I am known to eat it right outta the bowl... 

Did you know?  
Chia seeds are the seeds used for growing Chia Pets! Ya know... "Ch-ch-ch-chia" 
Who knew that the base of a fun household decoration is actually one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet?! Go figure.