- Vitamix blender: all-purpose, everyday blender for smoothies, soups
- Omega 350 Juicer: for delicious juices every day!
- Hurom HP Slow Juicer: super stylish and very similar to the Omega
- KitchenAid food processor: great for pesto, doughs for raw treats, and other odd jobs
- Blendtec blender: the Twister Jar is the best for making nut butters and flours
- Braun MultiQuick 9: if you're short on space or dollars, this does it all!
- Milk frother: perfect for blending up matcha tea, and lattes
- Niigata steel Japanese knife: all-purpose knife, sharpen it often!
- Knife sharpener
- Adjustable cake pan
- Mini tart pans

- Thrive Market is the spot I get my pantry ingredients! I recommend nuts, seeds, dates, cacao powder, maple syrup, coconut sugar, sea salt, nondairy milks (like hemp and oat), gluten-free flours (like almond and coconut), and all your superfood powders (like spirulina, ashwagandha, maca, and mushrooms). Thrive Market has 25-50% lower prices than other retailers, and their products are top quality: this is why they're my go-to.
- My Amazon storefront (U.S.), where I share my fave products for the kitchen and home.
My Amazon storefront (Canada)