25 May 2016


First off: listen to this song. UNGH YES. Moving on: this recipe has a secret superfood ingredient: apple cider vinegar. I know the smell of it makes some folks wanna puke (i.e. my whole family) but its health benefits are so REAL so I wanna show ya'll a way to add it into your diet in a super yummy way. Lez go.

This drink was inspired by two different things: my friend (who is also named Emily and is amazing) and a beverage I bought for the ferry ride home from Victoria on the weekend. I will explain both. Aaaaages ago I met up with Emily on the bus up to our campus and she had concocted this amazing drink made up of blueberries, lemon juice, ACV, honey (I know honey's not vegan, calm down) and icy water. It was SO GOOD. Like fancy lemonade. And at the time - and still now - I was/am trying to figure out ways to incorporate apple cider vinegar into my diet because it's so damn good for me. It makes me skin gloooow and improves my digestion. Note: don't drink too much of it though, a tablespoon a day is just fine. And when you're done drinking it, rinse your mouth with water. I normally just try to plug my nose and chug a shot of it straight up in the morning, then I gag. It's not fun. So since I tried Emily's delicious apple cider-infused version (seriously it was years ago), I've been thinking: I should make my own drink like that. I just haven't, cuz I'm lazy and stuff. The second thing that inspired this drink was a Bragg's grape juicy ACV beverage I bought in Victoria (I've never seen it in Vancouver!?): it was sweet and grapey and tangy and I loved it. It reminded me of Emily's concoction and finally I was like: okay, I just need to make this myself. So here we go. This drink recipe is SO TASTY and refreshing and good for ya. It's perfect for summer and gives you energy and mouth watering vibes. I am savouring every sip.

And yet again I have to thank ALL OF YOU for the love and support you are generously providing while I move through this heartbreak - living without Jack's love is terrifying and nearly unbearable at times, but it gets easier every day - and journey of dealing with my mental illness(es). I am going to make a Thank You post soon. XO

Serves one or two

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons maple syrup
1/4 cup beet juice
1/4 cup pineapple juice
3 cups chilled coconut water
1/4 cup frozen raspberries
1/4 cup packed mint leaves

Gently smash the raspberries into the bottom of one or two glasses. Throw in some mint leaves too. Pour in the coconut water, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup. Pour in the beet and pineapple juice until you like the colour of the drink (or just pour it all in, it's gonna taste great no matter the colour). Stick in a straw and and enjoy!

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Lauriane Bphémier said...

This drink looks so refreshing and perfect for the summer! I'll have to try!

Maya | Spice + Sprout said...

This looks so good! I also tried the chugging version of ACV in the mornings and it REALLY didn't work out. Definitely going to try this drink :) . Lots of love and support <3

Alex said...

dear Emily, inspired by you, I would like to order a steel straw, but which cbrand do you recommend? I checked out the internet and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Have got the glass ones already but need something sturdier now. Thanks. Love your blog by te way

Rachel Smith said...

Emily you are a culinary wizard!! I too have been doing the chugging-apple-cider-vinegar-down-whilst-trying-not-to-gag for so damn long now, but this juicy concoction looks like the answer! Thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe xx

Gemma said...

This is the most beautiful elixir (very appropiate name, btw) I've seen in loooong time! What a beautiful intense red color it has! Plus I love apple cider vinegar!!! Gonna make this drink asap!