19 May 2016


Delish. Quick. Purple. This recipe tastes good and gives your body what it needs to keep going. I've got a mini island adventure to go on and I'm already late so I'm gonna leave this here for you to try out! I've been going through some SERIOUS shit in the past month. Jack and I broke up. I am utterly heart-broken. I am just starting the long, rugged journey of treating my mental illness. I feel ok sometimes, and hopeless sometimes. But the support and love I receive from all of YOU is helping me get through this and I know I'll come out stronger at the other end. Much love. Try the smoothie.

Makes about 2 cups

2 bananas
Heaping 1/4 cup frozen blackberries
1 tablespoon baobab powder
1 cup almond milk
Scant 1/4 cup walnuts
2 Brazil nuts

Blend it all up. Drink it down. Yum.

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  1. Sending you a virtual hug. Actually, wrap your arms around yourself and that is my hug to you. You're brave and strong and beautiful.

  2. Starting the long journey to healing with this smoothie and a mini-island adventure is just what the doctor ordered. Got get 'em girl.

  3. I'm so sorry.

    I highly highly recommend Kristin Neff's book Self Compassion and Carol Dwek's Mindset, and if you're looking into medication, checking out the new nutrition-based supplements like SAMe and 5htp as well as traditional antidepressants. (I've just done a clinical trial with them and found they have less side-effects)

    Also check out http://pervocracy.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/the-worst-thing-in-world.html and http://philome.la/jace_harr/you-feel-like-shit-an-interactive-self-care-guide/play

    Sending internet stranger love to you :)

  4. <3<3 This looks amazing. Remember just how awesome you are. Always talk about it.

  5. Sorry you're going through a rough patch Em :/ I hope you can keep yourself well and positive!! Btw - this smoothie looks/sounds amazing :)

  6. This looks so delicious! Might try it with the boysenberries I just bought... nom.

  7. Heartbroken for you. Have a good road to recovery and happy. :) Keep treating yourself well, and the road will seem shorter. You are simply the best.

  8. What a beauty of a smoothie. That purple shade is so soothing yet stunning at the same time. And just the sight of those frosted blackberries has a welcomed cooling effect (as I'm sitting here in my too-warm and stuffy office)!

  9. Best of luck with your mental health. Progress can be really rough, but it is possible 😊

  10. Hi! I'm so sorry you are going through so much at the moment. :( I am just now coming out of a serious bout of OCD, and this year has been the hardest of my life so far. It's never easy... I wish you all the best. Hang in there. And I agree with you: you'll come out stronger on the other end. :)


  11. Hi Emily,
    I just wanted to say that you are amazing and never forget that. I have been following your blog for 3 years now, and your posts, especially the ones about your food journey and recovery helped me during my own struggles in my relationship to food. I even showed my mom your posts. You are an extremely creative talented person, and make sure to remember that your worth is not defined by others or your relationships to others, and you yourself are "whole". <3 Anjali

  12. Hi, I'm sorry about your break-up. Stay strong! I find if I'm down about something, it's best to focus on other goals in my life and listen to music. Take care.

  13. AnonymousMay 20, 2016

    just know that we love you!
    and now I can't wait for blackberry season so I can make this - thank you for the recipe!

  14. Sending you good juju for your heart. it sucks to go through a break up. and hats off to you for the courage to embark on a healing journey. may you know we're here and there are sunny skies ahead. and the smoothie looks delicious! very pretty purple =)

  15. Hi! Just wanna say I've been reading your blog for a long time - I've made some of your smoothies and I really enjoy receiving it in my e-mail. I've been having a hard time in life lately, so it's been really great to receive tiny bursts of inspiration from you in my inbox. Anyways, I'm cheering for you! By the way, I'm Emily too :)

  16. AnonymousMay 22, 2016

    You are WAY too strong to let a break-up get you down! Your recipes are a balm to your wounds...you have been such an influence on everyone here too. I'm a beef producer in the Midwest and I LOVE your recipes. You keep posting wonderfulness on this site or I'm coming north to find out why not!!!

  17. Sorry to hear you've been feeling shit. I've struggled with depression my entire life, I'm 28 now. Two years ago I reached complete rock bottom, I'm only beginning to realise the extent of how bad I was now, because over the past two years I've done a TON of personal development work, I participated in some ancient medicine ceremonies, I started going to a psychotherapist, I went on meds for a while, I completely changed my diet, gave up drinking and smoking, I managed to sort out issues in my life I didn't think were ever possible. But, they were possible, and it is possible to heal completely from depression, I feel like I can call myself a survivor now, and even though it has been seriously challenging, the process and experience of learning to self care has completely changed my life and made me such a better person now, I feel like I have something to give now, I am happy now, I have peace, and I feel like I have so much love to give, and never did I think I would be saying these words two years ago.

    I hope you find comfort knowing that it is something that can be overcome. I didn't think it could be, I couldn't see the joy, i didn't know how to access happiness, I felt like I didn't have the tools to change my perception. The key is, happiness, love, joy, peace etc, are ALWAYS there, seek them out and you will find them. *Hint* -look within. <3

    Love your blog Emily - I wish you the best -

  18. You are the RAW Queen! Every recipe is a pleasure to my eyes and even more to my tastebuds. How gorgeous and colorful and tempting and all things amazing does this smoothie look?!
    I've just pinned one of these beautiful pictures to remind myself that I must try this smoothie asap!

    Thanks for being a constant inspiration! Keep your chin up girl, you are stronger than you think and things will eventually fall into place. Life can be a total bitch sometimes but it can also bring you so many joy!

    Big hugs!

  19. i'm also in the wake of a breakup, so i feel your pain. literally. it's such a raw visceral feeling that can strike at any time. i felt an intense physical pain around my heart for the first week or two. it's been over 3 weeks for me and i still get sad thinking about him...

    so i've been doing a lot of soul-searching lately, and meditation helps a lot to help remove myself from the constant reel of thoughts. also focusing on other loving relationships in my life with my family and friends.

    it's okay. and sometimes it feels like it isn't. which is okay too! if you have a journal, that's one of your greatest tools. as much as you want to look outside yourself for the answers, trust your own intuition. you got dis. sending sososo much love your way <3 <3


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