31 Dec 2015


Coffee! Vanilla! Tart!

This is a creamy, sweet, surprisingly light and unsurprisingly delicious recipe. As always, it's vegan cuz it can be and raw to maintain all the fab health benefits of the nuts and fruits used as ingredients. Good-for-you desserts are REAL: eat 'em.

Happy New Year and all that. I have mixed feelings about everything in my life right now, so I am not sure I am in exactly the right mood to celebrate anything... but I still am going out dancing tonight because it's like therapy for me. Having said that, I should definitely start seeing an actual therapist just so I have a professional human to talk to about my emotions, relationships and thoughts. In fact I think we should all have someone like this in our lives; an expert advisor and listener with whom there are no gambles in sharing your strangest ideas, darkest thoughts or most frustrated feelings. What I mean is: I love my family and friends and between them all, I basically always have a person to tell MOST of my shit to; but I never have one person I can tell everything. I can talk to a therapist / counsellor / psychologist / etc. about... I dunno... how I think my parents have negatively influenced me in some ways, and I will get back a semi-unbiased response from a professional academic type person dissociated from the situation; instead of telling my parents the same thing and getting into a lot of uncomfortable territory. I also know that I have a lot of bleak mental processes that I don't want to share with loved ones. Long story short: I gotta keep doing self-care, and I think in the new year that means adding in a therapist, counsellor or someone similar.

Oh yeah, and Jack and I are having problems too. I've been spending yesterday and today wondering what I should do. Do I deserve / need / want more? Am I taking what I have for granted? Do I want to be single? Would I like to be with someone else, start a new relationship? (No to that one, at least I know that). Do I wanna have more flings? (Yes, but is it worth it?) Should relationships be perfect all the time or just pretty great most of the time? (Probably the latter; I need to stop trying to perfect everything and be more realistic). In total conclusion: I have a lot of shit to figure out in 2016 and beyond, and I hope I do. I suppose life is a constant struggle of dealing and negotiating with ourselves - not to mention everyone and everything around us - in order to find a kind of happiness or satisfaction. In times of overwhelming reality I look to my wrist (which has BE HERE NOW tattooed on it), try to breathe deeply and remember that I am at once a universe unto myself and a dot in an endless, colourful cosmos. Basically: I don't need to worry because at least I have myself and access to comfortable, safe spaces and loving people. These are privileges that too many people don't have, but I do appreciate them. I hope you have a wonderful night and new year. Much love.


1 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup maple syrup 
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1/4 cup sesame seeds, more or less as needed

Cream tart:
2 cups cashews, soaked in water for 3 hours then rinsed
1 cup walnuts, soaked in water for 3 hours then rinsed
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut sugar
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1 tablespoon chunk fresh ginger
1/2 vanilla bean, chopped
3 Meyer lemons, peeled and deseeded
2-3 cups water, as neeeded

Coffee blend:
3 tablespoons melted coconut oil
1/4 cup finely ground coffee beans
3 tablespoons maple syrup

Sesame seeds
Coffee beans
Maple syrup

To make the crust: stir together the ingredients - add a smaller amount of sesame seeds then add more as needed - until you get a crumbly mixture that holds its shape when pressed between a couple fingers. Press into a tart tin and put in the fridge.

To make the cream filling: blend the ingredients together - adding water as needed - until you get a smooth, creamy mixture that is slightly thicker than yogurt. Spread evenly into your crust.

To make the coffee blend: stir all the ingredients together until smooth then drizzle over the cream filling. Stir around with the handle of a wooden spoon to create pretty designs and swirls. Leave the tart in the fridge overnight, or in the freezer for a few hours (but it's best when you let it sit overnight; it develops more flavour). Garnish before serving.

ADAPTIONS: use any other flour instead of coconut flour; use 1 teaspoon vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean; use coconut butter instead of coconut oil; use dates instead of coconut oil and maple syrup in the crust; use carob or cacao instead of coffee; use lemon juice instead of lemons.

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Santa said...

Happy present dear Em!

Thank you so much fro share your pasions for life, for share your truth. I wish you peace and corage for keeping up.
Warm embrace and this poem

The Law of Love: A Poem by Yogi Bhajan

Love gives you power to merge,

From finite to Infinity.

Love gives you power to trust,

From nothing to everything.

Love gives you power, the most powerful

Prayer between you and your Creator.

Love gives you vastness,

As vast as there can be.

Love gives you the hold, the experience,

And the touch with your own Infinity,

As beautiful as there can be.

Love is that surrender.

When you surrender at the lotus feet

Of the master, you become the master.

When you become the master,

You surrender your universe to the Universe.

Then you become divine.

When you surrender your divinity

To the Infinity, you become Infinite.

That is the Law of Love.

From The Game of Love

gen yam said...

Going to see a therapist and continuing to see one is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It really helped put things in perspective for me and it was just such a breath of fresh air. I don't think us humans realize what big burdens each of us are carrying. I hope you find a therapist that's right for you! Sending you good vibes + happy new year! <3

gen yam said...

Going to see a therapist and continuing to see one is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It really helped put things in perspective for me and it was just such a breath of fresh air. I don't think us humans realize what big burdens each of us are carrying. I hope you find a therapist that's right for you! Sending you good vibes + happy new year! <3

Blue Earth Grrl said...

If life was a bed of roses we would never struggle and grow to be more than we were. Sending you positive vibes and wishing you strength!

Kailei said...

Hello love!
First, thank you for always sharing not only amazing recipes but your wisdom and positivity! You are a radiant human being.
Second, I am having very similar problems with my partner too. I hope you find what is best/feels right to you. Being in a long term relationship at such a young age (I'm 21, and assume you're close to my age) can be difficult at times. Good luck and keep being you!

Gaddemon said...

Thanks for this post, I really liked to read it! (Btw we've been together with my husband for 12,5 years and trust me, relationships are sometimes a nightmare, it's not always a fairytale sadly but if you talk to each other all the time and try to be patient, then you can resolve the problems together and live happily.) About the recipe: what is the size of the tart tin you used? Thanks!

Unknown said...

how much lemon juice do you use to replace the lemons? looks amaazing! thanks! xo