1 Oct 2015


As the title blatantly shouts, this is my smoothie of choice right now. I made it for the first time maybe four days ago (when I was still hungry after dinner) and ever since I have been having it every morning with my oatmeal before I go to the gym. It came together randomly and ended up blowing my mind. It's nice and sweet but also super nutritious. I just put in all the ingredients for this drink on cronometer.com and here's what we've got going for us when we sip it down: nearly 20% of your recommend daily intake for protein, 58% for riboflavin (B2), 79% for pyridoxine (B6), 499% for vitamin C (!!!), 107% for copper, 28% for vitamin K, 37% for magnesium, 64% for manganese, 36% for potassium, 30% for selenium, and I could just keep going.


I'm keepin' this post pretty short because A) I wasn't even planning on sharing this recipe but I decided to take a photo of it and so here I am, and B) I wanna eat my oatmeal - so in love with it lately - and hit up tha gyyyym. Plus I have a neat lecture I'm going to about women and extreme party politics in postwar Greece AND Jack's makin' us dinner this evening. Busy awesome day ahead. I am feelin' good. xxx



1 frozen, chopped apple
2 frozen, peeled bananas
2 cups green grapes
1-2 cups water, as desired

Blend it all up, drink it all down.


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Anonymous said...

i am gonna get some grapes and DO THIS UP, heck yes

Susannah (Lemon and Coconut) said...

YUM, that should keep you going. Have a great one :)

athletic avocado said...

this combo sounds so nourishing and tasty! I need to try this for breakfast!

Unknown said...

I am confident it can give lots of energy, so necessary for studies. Probably, next time I will goofle "best gym" intead of "custom essay writing Australia" because of lack of time.

Unknown said...

OOO, just made this smoothie! Had no grapes, so put some pineapple and qiwi and not enough of water i guess... Ate with a spoon, like a sorbet. It's absolutely awesome! Thank you, Emily.

Anonymous said...

Delicious! Thanks for the recipe. Greetings from a mum and her 4 years old twindaughters from The Netherlands