I was gonna call this a "healing" green smoothie blah blah blah but then I though, "Hmm, don't wanna buy into that pseudoscience stuff so I'll keep it simple." Because honestly I don't know if this smoothie will heal anything for you, but in my opinion it's at least certainly nice and yummy and green. I'll leave it at that. I am not a doctor. 

I made this smoothie to sip while I flipped through two new cookbooks I got in the mail. They are both beautiful and you should check 'em out for sure. One is Gena's (from Choosing Raw), it's called Vegan, and it's in collaboration with Food52. And the other is Susan Jane's second cookbook, it's called The Virtuous Tart; it's dairy-, cane sugar- and gluten-free. Obviously I know and adore Gena so her book was unsurprisingly gorgeous and full of easy, delicious recipes. I've already tried the kabocha curry and it was divine. But I actually didn't know Susan Jane before I got her book (I have since learned she is f#cking hilarious), and was downright giddy to read her handwritten note for me on the front page; apparently I've been a bit inspiring for her with my raw desserts and she made up an entirely raw cake recipe thanks to it! She even gives me a shout out on page 111. Can you hear me blushing? Does blushing make a sound? I've tried a recipe for golden turmeric milk from her book and it was basically orgasmic. Note: she does use honey and eggs in some recipes but they are easily replaceable with vegan versions. I just used date syrup instead of honey for the walnut-based milk. 

Looking at these two books has really rebooted my passion for recipe-making. As has stalking Jenny Mustard's Youtube channel. All these ladies are reminding me how much I love cooking and inventing in the kitchen. So as you may have noticed, I am posting a bit more regularly / often this week. Yay! Maybe Em is back!? Maybe? I do apologize for letting my posting slack lately. I've been daydreaming about other shit and haven't felt like photographing my food. I admit I've also lost some excitement when it comes to food. I used to love making, photographing and sharing recipes on this blog multiple times every week but in the past few months it's been once a week if I am feeling energetic! I want this to change. I wanna re-find my love of recipe-creating and show it on here again. I think that's the direction I am on now, so be patient, but I think regular posting is coming soon. I feel like my writing in this post is not grade A because I am listening to music at the same time so I get distracted. Oops. 

Anyways: how about this smoothie, eh? It's refreshing, yummy and well, green. I like adding mint to smoothies because it makes my mouth taste good after, and there's also other good stuff in here like ginger and turmeric because they are SOOO amazing for your body and mind. I wanna go now so I hope you have a fabulous day full of self-expression and non-judgement. x 


3 frozen bananas
2 tablespoons fresh mint leaves
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder 
1/2 teaspoon ginger powder
1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean
1 tablespoon date syrup 
2 cups water
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
1-2 cups spinach leaves

Blend everything up. adjust according to taste, and drink!

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