Good god yes. I hadn't made banana ice cream in MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS so this tasted even more orgasmic than it usually would have. Bananas and mangoes are meant to be together and dammit - if you try to break them up, ya best watch out because I will track you down. Doesn't sound very vegan of me, but this is an exception to the Nice Rule (that's not really a thing, I just made it up right now).

I've been watching videos of Evan Rock on Youtube lately. He's this human who decided to quit being a real estate agent in LA - or somewhere like that - and fly to Hawai'i to live off the grid with a bunch of durian and coconut gurus/addicts. Sounds like my kinda paradise... mostly. So then I gotta little down because here I am in The City chillin' with cement buildings, traffic, McDonald's advertisements, raaaaaaaaiiin, and probably too much Netflix. (Although to be fair it has hardly rained this year. What's up, climate change.) I just wanna get awaaaaaayy, man! Forage for WILD MANGOSTEENS and shit.

But of course then I picked myself up out of that mood because my life is still pretty much the best thing ever. Summer is coming, I've got parks and mountains to hike, bike and explore whenever I feel like it, I go to the farmers market every week and though we definitely do NOT get the variety of fruit that Hawai'i and other tropical regions grow, we do get *HEIRLOOM TOMATOES* and that makes everything okay. I'd love to head off to Thailand or the Big Island or somewhere sunnier than here eventually, but right now I am here and that is beautiful. There's no point wishing you were always somewhere else. I need to appreciate the present moment and space I am in. I need to listen to my tattoo that reminds me to "BE HERE NOW".

I wonder if this post seems disorganized... hopefully not. You know me, I just tend to type whatever my fingers tell me to. It's all very stream-of-consciousness. Without further ado I give you a freaking delicious recipe: banana mango sundaes for erryone! I wasn't planning on photographing this or sharing it on the blog but when I tasted it, I didn't have a choice. Simplicity is sexy. Pllleeasssee get organic, fairly trade fruit! It tastes better! x

Serves: me

4 peeled frozen bananas
4 sliced mangoes 

Break up the bananas into chunks and throw in your blender. Blend until you get a magical banana soft serve concoction. If you don't have the greatest blender, add some water or non-dairy mylk to keep it all goin'. Add in a few mango slices, then scoop into a bowl and top off with the rest of the mangoes. 

P.S. You might be thinking: this is way too much for one person to eat. Well then share it! But personally I ate this all and was cryin' for more. High carb livin', folks. 

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