1 Apr 2015


Okay here's the thing: smoothies are great, salads are great, rice bowls are great, but juice gives me something I can't get anywhere else. When I get into rhythm of having a glass of green juice or carrot juice or beet juice a few times a week, I notice I feel cleaner and clearer. I feel lighter. My skin glows a little bit. I think I might have more energy but that could be wishful thinking.

I know that a lot of folks out there say a big ole 'boooo' to juice because it doesn't have fibre, and some people say it's unhealthy because it has too much sugar. Well, I say try it out and make up your mind. Personally a glass of juice every few days provides me with this next-level sensation I cannot find elsewhere, no matter how many bowls of banana ice cream I consume. I judge things by how they make me feel and using that method, I judge juice very nicely. I used to make super sweet juices (100% pineapple mmm) but gradually my taste buds have matured and now they're cool with mostly veggie juices, sweetened just with carrots or beets (sometimes a tiny bit of apple or pineapple because I do have a sweet tooth at heart, and that's never goin' away MKAY) 

I have recently gotten into juicing cabbage. So good. And when you do it with purple cabbage HOLY the colour is crazy gorgeous! I always throw in a chunk of ginger too because it basically is the holy grail of disease-fighting foods. Celery is another great one, it's super hydrating and detoxing. Same goes for parsley... and cilantro... and lemon. And do I even NEED to explain why spinach is good for us? I think we are past that. I hope. 

I also used to drink huge glasses of juice but I have come to understand I don't need that much to get the glow/benefits. I make a 500ml glass (2 cups) of juice a few times a week and that's enough pour moi. Everyone is different so as usual I simply recommend ya do what works for YOU. By the way, if you don't know if you love juice or not yet - and thus don't have a juicer - you can simply blend up the ingredients then strain. Although at this point I'd probably just add a few bananas and some coconut milk and call 'er a smoothie. But that defeats my ode to juice as written above... so I will stop typing now.


4 stalks celery
2 cups parsley or cilantro
3 cups spinach
1/4 cup pineapple 
1 tablespoon chunk ginger 
1 lemon

Wash everything, then juice it all and drink. WOO! If it's too tart, add an apple or more pineapple, but eventually I guarantee you're gonna grow to love the flavour without any extra sweetness

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Anna said...

yummy!! there's nothing better than a green smoothie to start a good day!!


Unknown said...

Sounds great! I haven't had pineapple juice since the end of last summer. I've been using yellow bell peppers to sweeten my juice, which is delicious in a whole 'nother way. Out of curiosity, what kind of juicer do you use?

Victoria said...

I felt kind of bad about commenting to only say this: "WTF with the comments above?" But then I thought that I'm allowed, I mean, what's that type of spam!? Hahaha
I really love your posts by the way! I wished I had a juicer, I did in my previous house, but couldn't take it with me when I moved!
Have a good day :)

Unknown said...

I agree Victoria. I enjoy most people's comments - especially when they are applicable to the blogger's post! ha. Love green juice. Good recipe. do not love spam.

Unknown said...

Just made this for my post-yoga refuel...delicious! I typically sweeten my green juices with apples, but with pineapple this juice is BOMB.

The Vegan Junction said...

What a great combo! Gotta love that pineapple. ;)

Anj said...

Ain't no juice like parsley juice! Powerful stuff. :D

Unknown said...

I loved this smoothie! I'm sipping on it at the moment :) Great pre workout energizer!

Casey said...

This green juice looks amazing! I cannot wait to try this, and I never would have thought of cilantro, I am definitely going to have to try!

Unknown said...

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Kathleen Hook said...

Wow, this is a recipe I need to try pronto!