Ey, babes! This is the first holiday gift guide I have ever done, mostly because in past years I have been lazy. But the past has passed! This year I have put together a nice little collection of my favourite objects, sounds, tastes and tools. [Almost] all of these gift ideas are from awesome companies that are doing a great job promoting veganism, environmentalism, wellbeing and yumminess; they are worthy of your dollar. I also tried to balance the collection out: I have clothing, food, books, kitchenware and even a calendar! I think as long as you have at least one cool person in your life, you will find something useful in my guide. Hehe. Okay let's get onto what is IN IT! From the bottom right hand corner, going left up the rows...

Edgar's Mission 2015 Calendar: Edgar's Mission is an animal sanctuary in Australia that does some amazing work, and you can support their important mission to save innocent creatures from ending up on a dinner plate by getting their calendar. It's full of the CUTEST pictures ever. You kinda have to get it just to see the baby pig learning to walk again with training wheels. It's printed on recycled paper using veg-based ink in a solar-powered plant. Grab it here for $20.00!

Dr. Martens Vegan Leather 3-eye Gibson Shoes: I love these, and it's hard to tell they are vegan leather. I have run into some folks who don't believe it! They are great for basically any outfit, fancy or casual. They will last you a lifetime, so think of them as an investment. I wish the company was 100% vegan, but I feel like buying their vegan shoes is still a positive move, since it nudges them in the right direction. "Psst.. Doc Martens! Go vegan!" I got mine at Nice Shoes.

Gray and Pink Dress from Maya Epler: Maya is an inspiring woman. She designs and makes all the pieces from her clothing line herself, and she is now Peta-approved as a totally vegan company! I love the dress she sent to me, it's unique, comfortable and sexy. Check out all her fab items here.

Harmonic Arts (Ginger Root Powder): Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary is right by me! They are located on Vancouver Island and source many of their ingredients from the wild, or at least organic farms. I love all their products and recently featured their coconut in this recipe. They have an extensive selection of healing, medicinal tea blends. Take a look at all their products here.

Park Woodshop (Spoon and Cutting Board): I LOVE everything Park and his partner, Leslie, do. They take gorgeous photos, consume lots of tea and super foods, and create stunning, functional wooden tools from sustainably harvested trees. Who doesn't want a hand-carved spoon for Christmas!? See more from them here.

The Veggie Republic Bracelet: vegan jewelry for everyone! This bracelet is wooden and each bead is embedded with a picture of a different vegetable. The company is run by a mum and daughter, and for every bracelet you buy, they donate 5 lbs of fresh produce to a local family in need! Gifts that give to more than one person are the best kind. Get a better look at the $14.99 bracelets here.

The Soap Dispensary (Jars): The Soap Dispensary is a lovely little shop on Main Street run by Lihn and her husband. They sell EVERYTHING that is home, bath and body related with an eco-friendly, organic, local vibe. They have a great selection of jars and everything else. See more from them here. The jar + lid I bought was $1.75.

Organic Burst Superfoods (Baobab and Wheatgrass): Organic Burst is terrific company selling high quality organic super food powders and supplements. Their products are vibrant, delicious, and fun to add to raw desserts, oatmeal, smoothies and juices. If you know someone who needs an extra nutrition boost, consider buying some goodies from Organic Burst.

Rawsome Vegan Baking: my first and bestselling cookbook! It's full of over 100 raw, vegan, gluten-free dessert recipes along with a full page colour photo on every second page. Pretty much perfect for everyone. *shameless self-promotion cough cough* Buy it here or here!

The Songs of Leonard Cohen: he makes me weep with his words. Buy the masterful album here if you have a record player, or download it on the web if you don't. It needs to be in your life.

Hippie Chips (Raw Vegan Veggie Chips): I could eat about 7 bags of these if I had them on hand. They are SO flavourful and all the ingredients are organic and super wholesome. They currently have 3 different flavours and I suggest you try them all. Hippie Foods is the company that makes them, and they rawk. Check out their products and locations here.

100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks: more shameless self-promo. Don't judge me. This is my second cookbook, and it is BRAND-NEW. Seriously, it was officially published just a few days ago, worldwide. The title kinda gives away the contents, so I don't have to explain much about what's in it; but if you or anyone ya know is interested in getting healthier, this is the book for you. Buy it here or here.

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