4 Nov 2014


I have made a lot of smoothies. I drink at least one, usually two, and often three, everyday and I have been doing that for years. I plan to continue doin' it for the rest of my life. I have written an entire cookbook on smoothies (it's coming out in December and you can pre-order it here). Let's just say I know a thing or two about them; including making their textures, flavours and colours the most appealing possible.

So - in my opinion anyways - I think there is some significance of my calling a smoothie "my favourite," because I have never really had a favourite one before. I make a different smoothie everyday because I am always excited to move onto the next recipe idea, enjoy it, and keep on with that delicious, diverse cycle. However, after I made this smoothie for the first time a few days ago, I have been making it everyday since. It just seems like THE PERFECT SMOOTHIE. I cannot imagine it being improved upon. And so due to my deep and ever-growing adoration of this drink, I thought it wise and practical to share with you. Please make the recipe and let me know your thoughts.

Basically what we have got is apple/ginger/kale JUICE blended with frozen bananas, resulting in a creamy, cool, sexy green beverage that is basically irresistible to all humans (and probably many other species). Yeah, we are using fresh green juice for the liquid instead of water or nut milk! CUZ WE'RE CRAZY LIKE THAT. It's almost like a green juice milkshake. Note: to some of you that might make it a huge turn off but personally the thought of a green juice milkshake gets my mouth wet. The benefits of greens are hopefully known to you, they are nature's #1 super food in terms of nutrient density. Juicing them improves their absorption and wickets the nutrient assimilation process. Apple juice is just the bomb and apparently keeps  cancer away. And when you blend anything with frozen bananas, you find heaven. What you are making is a potent, yummalicious, beautiful masterpiece that will let you live to be like 123 years old AND enjoy doing it because you get to drink THIS every morning. Seriously, I want you all to make this smoothie just so I can hear about how much you like it. Also: I love you.


4 apples
4 cups kale leaves (or other dark leafy greens) 
1 tablespoon chunk ginger root
3 frozen bananas

Juice the apples, ginger and greens then pour that juice into a blender container with the bananas. Blend everything until smooth, green, thick and frothy. YES. 

Note: I recommend cleaning your juicer and blender right after you use them so you don't have to deal with that once you have your drink ready. The last thing I wanna do when I have just poured a glass full of delicious smoothie is remember I have to clean; it makes it less enjoyable. Maybe that's just me though. 

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  1. My favourite combo too, tastes great with spinach as well. And Granny Smith Apples. With the skin! Throw a Granny Smith with the skin on into your blender :D for an antioxidants boost! OK enough. No grannies have ever been hurt in the making of beverages in my house.

  2. You must do a ton of dishes! I don't have time for that...not in the morning anyway.

  3. I'm all for creamy, sexy smoothies. I'm pretty bummed that I don't have my Vitamix with me (traveling at the mo)... otherwise I would be making smoothies like this one left and right!

  4. i have to try this! and I agree with washing everything right away. then i can sit down and not have a single worry!

  5. OMG, you are right, this is the best green smoothie ever! I made it this morning. Since I do not have a juicer, i just blended kale, apples and ginger with some organic store-bought apple juice (i know not ideal, but still better than not tasting this beauty at all), strained it into a bowl and then blended in the bananas. It was freakin' awesome!

  6. I read this and got out of my chair and made this smoothie. Fortunately, I just bought fresh ginger, and I had some organic apple cider that I added as well. I don't have a juicer, I used my Blendtec, it ground up the apples just fine. This is really good!!!

  7. Yum! I seriously love smoothies too. I am totally making this today to fuel me for the morning half of my day long hike! Thank you Emily! For everything :) You're an absolute rockstar!!

  8. Hey,

    Love this recipe. I'm feeling a little disappointment in your lack of posts, though... It's been almost a week, doll! Of course, I have no idea what's happening in your life. I just love seeing all of the things you have to say and all of your lovely record and thoughts!

    Rock on sister,

  9. I m in love with your BLOG!! <3 the recipes are very easy, and I m not a very good cook, but your photos and your good descriptions are so helpful for realising them.. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  10. Sounds SO GOOD! I just need to go get some more ginger to juice!

  11. Made this and loved it! Chucked in some sellery, kale and some other things I had lying around.
    I have a q for you tho, you might have addressed this before but I'll still toss it out there; Do you know if the pesticides in produce is minimized when juicing? ie if ppl can't afford organic or can't get hold of I mean.
    I've found contradictory research on the matter, so I thought I'd ask :D

  12. I love your choice of kale leaves

    Combine with Cucumber, that will boost the anti cancer properties

  13. This. Was. Amazing. I usually have a hard time finishing juices and smoothies but I could have easily doubled this recipe. Thanks so much for the yummy goodness!

  14. @Idapie - I am not sure, but I imagine it wouldn't do much? I suggest finding out what produce in your area is regularly most contaminated with pesticides, etc. and buying just those foods organic - it saves you money and minimizes your exposure ;)

  15. Isn't that a lot of sugar with 3 bananas and apple? I know it's "natural" sugar and healthy, but still, it adds up.

  16. @Anonymous - if that's too much sugar for you, then don't drink the whole thing by yourself :) It works great for me eating this much fruit everyday so I am gonna keep on doing it. I believe we should all do what makes us feel best.


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