17 Aug 2014


I was really excited last week when my mom returned from the farmers market and proceeded to tell me about a new vendor who was selling freshly made nut milks with simple ingredients just like we make them at home; raw, organic, fair-trade ingredients like nuts, cacao, and filtered water. I visited the farmers market yesterday to buy some heirloom tomatoes and apples and then saw the stand for the milk people! After walking over we - Jack and I - met a lovely young woman who seemed just as enthusiastic about milking nuts as I am (thank goodness there's more than one of us). We sampled a plain almond milk and it honestly tasted exactly like what my mom and I whip up in the kitchen. She kindly gave me a couple bottles to try - date almond and cacao hazelnut - and we enjoyed them on their own as well as in a smoothie (recipe below). It's great to see a company doing this right now because as the market demand for dairy-free milks is rising steadily, the brands you find in the grocery aisles often have ingredients I don't particularly want to consume even if they are vegan; added sugar, stabilizers, "natural flavours"... although they probably aren't harmful, they certainly aren't healthful! And if they don't need to be in there then I'd prefer they weren't. At the same time, making your own nut milk is becoming a fun trend in itself. Whether this is because other people aren't stoked about the extra ingredients in mainstream grocery store non-dairy milks, or they just want to try out what homemade nut milk tastes like, I think it's awesome. 

I also think that is where Nuez nut milks come in. Their mission is to "create the best tasting, purest, raw, organic and fair trade nut milk". Their recipes are just what you make in your own house, so I think they are an excellent choice if you want to try out this kind of whole food, non-dairy milk instead of the conventional brands. If it's in your budget, go ahead and add these to your grocery list every week! If you'd prefer to eventually get into the habit of making your own, I still think this is a great place to start. 

They make their nut milks in Delta, BC and sell them in Vancouver area farmers markets. They sell 1 litre jars of nut milk for around $8.00. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and their beautiful main website. If you're not in Vancouver - and I know most of you aren't - try researching and exploring your own area for farmers markets and vendors that sell freshly made, organic nut milks with whole food ingredients. You might be surprised at what you find. Often I receive emails from people asking how to become or stay vegan in their small town, and wondering how and where they should eat out. I always type in the name of their region to Happy Cow and usually find there is at least one vegan or vegetarian restaurant there! At sometimes an organic grocery store or market as well. 


1/2 cup frozen blueberries
3 bananas
2 cups Nuez date almond milk

Blend. Mmm. Serves one. 

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Sara from Sweden said...

they look great! until I find a good brand here in Sweden I'll continue to make my own... (we do however have a big brand who makes milk from oats)

Kate McCabe said...

honestly, it's so much more affordable to make our own....I'm curious as to what they are charging per quart.. .I bet $8 or more. I just discovered something fantastic. i soaked about 6 dried black mission figs, cut in half, in about a cup of hazelnut milk...soak overnight in frig....then next day, pour into vitamix, with about a cup more of milk, 2 sliced turmeric roots....blend well, and while the blender is going at full speed, put in 2 bananas, frozen and chopped. I plop them in quickly, and keep blending, until it gets a little softer...not TOO frozen. This is the best shake that I have made yet. enjoy...and it makes enough for 2. and cost is very minimal. enjoy..

Unknown said...

Yum yum! I totally just posted this two day ago! Go dairy-free milks!


Mandy @ MandysHealthyLife.com

realrawkitchen said...

That sounds so delicious .. my local raw farmer's market also has killer mylks and shakes and I die every time I sip on them :)

Anonymous said...

hey emily...
thanks for sharing with us, i should doing homemade nut milk! i love it.
but i am worried whenever i see glass bottles on the market. You know glass recycling here in Quebec is in trouble. so i stopped buying kombucha, instead i drink coconut water for now :))

elizabethswholefoodskitchen said...

I hope your well, store bought nut mylk is not as creamy as homemade normally, this brand looks so good...I have major testing and results next week with one of my dr.s wish me luck :)

Ana's Rocket Ship said...

If this is what they sell, I really wish that they had a farmers market where I am!!!