I know my last post was about how I've gone all low-fat but ya know what? I got my period today and I also received a box of amazing goodies from Prana Organics, which included a jar of magical hazelnut butter. So I am marrying the jar of hazelnut butter today and my 80/10/10 ways can wait til my period is over. I need to continue talking about this hazelnut butter because you do not yet fully understand the magnitude of deliciousness that it is. My life changed when I dipped my spoon into the jar an hour ago, and it changed for the better. Imagine Nutella... then imagine it being approximately 1326 times yummier... then imagine it's healthy... then you realize that what you are imagining is Prana's organic hazelnut butter, and the only ingredients ARE HAZELNUTS. For real, guys. It's better than Nutella and it doesn't even contain chocolate or sugar. That is why I called it magical a moment ago. Normally I say any organic, ethical brand is a great choice for food, but I have to say that I cannot imagine any hazelnut butter tasting better than Prana's. Also, the texture is heavenly. It's like chocolate sauce. UGH IT'S TOO GOOD PLEASE GO GET SOME NOW. You can buy their wonderful treats foods here.

Moving on. To my period. (I promise I will eventually connect this all to the recipe). I have to celebrate my feminine fertility whenever this time of the month rolls around, because it's pretty freaking awesome that us ladies have a human-making system in our uterus', and when I research menstruation (yeah... I do that), I just get really excited and intrigued about what is going on in my body. Having said that, it doesn't change the fact that for 5-7 days every month I basically just roll around moaning and crying for no reason like a depressed bipolar beached whale... plus blood. But at least the weather is nice so I can groan and lay around in the sunshine, and I've got a sweet boyfriend who's gonna massage my bod later tonight. Until then I will just have to keep trying to do it myself... and keep failing. Have you ever attempted to give yourself a back massage? There's a reason humans are social animals: IT'S ALL FOR THE BODY RUBS, GUYS.

So I'm in whiny hormonal hopeless whale mode today and all I want is copious amounts of vegan mac and cheese - it's happening tonight, I am so glad I was smart enough to buy an organic butternut squash the other day - and more of that incredible, better-than-Nutella magic. Therefore I created a milkshake that is essentially just diluted Nutella. Obviously I love you so I made it healthy. Let's drink.


4 frozen bananas
1 tablespoon cacao powder
1 tablespoon Prana's organic hazelnut butter 
6 Medjool dates 
2-3 cups nut milk or water

Blend it all up, adding as much or as little liquid as you want. Uggghhh yessss.

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