23 Apr 2014


I have been so inspired by all these smoothie bowls I see on Instagram and Tumblr, I decided to make one myself. Nothing fancy here - just wholesome, nourishing, deliciously sweet and fruity ingredients to give you energy for the day! This tasted like heaven after my run this morning. And although I get excited over everything I put in my mouth, it makes the eating experience even more fun when you decorate your food like art. My food IS art, after all. Let's get nuts.


4 mangoes
4 bananas
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup water

1 tablespoon shredded coconut
1 walnut
1 date
1 banana

To make the smoothie: blend everything until smooth. Pour in a bowl then decorate with the goodies! Add whatever else you like. I wish had some goji berries for colour but alas - I'm all out. I eat those things like candy. 

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  1. Gorgeous and nutritious. I like how the creaminess comes just from the fruits and not just nut milk or nuts. Clean and fresh.

  2. Yum! Did you eat this all yourself? :)

  3. O_O 4 mangoes and 4 bananas?!?! That's a lot of fruit for breakfast. Looks delicious though!

  4. Is there a substitute for bananas/avocados in smoothies and desserts that would give the same creamy effect? I am allergic to both :(

  5. I have seen this recipe around for a while now and FINALLY tried it. Best one yet!! My friend LOVED IT!!!

  6. @Carolina L - young coconut meat :)

  7. @Aoibheann Schwartz - heck yeah! every morning!

  8. Heeey emmy . . .
    I dont know if youre going to reply but I would really love to hear your opinion (:

    I love this lifestyle so much ! But im really struggling with balancing macros and I dont think im eating enough calories . . .

    I know you dont count calories . . . But on average if your not exercising how much do you think you would eat ? Any less than when you are or about the same ? Also you post sooo many food recipes but then you say that most of your diet is liquid (juices, smoothies etc) so how much would you actually eat in a day, do you eat a lot of fats or not ? :/ this is what I struggle with. I dont know if im eating to much fat, but I kind of freak out with all the fruit im eating ( I love it ! Dont get me wrong :) but I worry about eating too much sugar . . .

    Calorie wise (estimate sorry, I know I try not to count either but I really dont think im eating enough and I find I restrict a bit the days im not exercising and don't know that I should :/)
    Do you actually eat the desserts you make ? Or do you just give them to people ;) because when you say what youve eaten in a day generally its mainly fruits, juices and smoothies (very little fat) but then you post lots of dessert recipes which are the complete opposite ! Im really sorry I just need someone else opinion because I love eating this way but worry I'm missing (or over doing) certain aspects of it :/ (and over thinking it too much :p)

    Thanks emily, thank you for this amazing blog and being such a good and beautiful person <3

  9. Im confused, did you eat this whole recipe in one go or split it up into portions? 4 mangos and 4 bananas in one smoothie is a lot!

  10. mmmm! Like everything on your blog, this bowl is stunning :)

  11. Bananas and berries blend great in a smoothie. It is rich, creamy and sleep inducing.

  12. @IZA - haha I drank it all myself in one sitting :) I eat a lot of fruit. The more fruit the better!

  13. @Anonymous - please email me for more info but what I can say is:

    I probably eat about 3,000 calories a day but I never count so I'm not sure. I tend to eat more when I exercise more because I have burned more calories so I am hungrier. The recipes I post on my blog are special meals for (when they are smoothies or juice) because the majority of my diet is smoothies, and juice and huge amounts of fruit. Don't worry about eating too much fruit! Check out 30 Bananas A Day, Happy Healthy Life, FullyRaw Kristina, Rice and Raw, and 40 Below Fruity to see some other beautiful people who eat loads and loads of sugary fruit all day and keep very slim and strong. I;m not saying a high fruit high carb diet works for every one, but it seems to help a lot of people. The desserts I post, I definitely eat a lot of, but I have been making a lot less lately, and prefer to share them more now. Having said that, I still like to get about 1/4 cup of nuts or seeds in my diet everyday so my desserts work with that.

    Just keep eating as much fruit and vegetables as you desire! Eat nuts/seeds/avocado/coconut and other high fat foods in moderation. You're golden <3

  14. Aw thanks gorgeous girl <3
    How do you feel about dried fruit like figs/raisins/dates ? I eat the figs quite a bit cause theyre always available and not the fresh ones . . .
    I do love having smoothies ! I could live off them haha. But my parents hate it and keep telling me to 'eat properly' to 'chew my food' and then threaten to 'take my food away' if u dont start acting more normal ! Ugh. Meanwhile theyll sit guzzeling hot chips and icecream and tell me im eating unhelathy -.- Pfft.

    Do you exercise a lot ? Or is it more only when you have the time ? (:
    Also do you have any problems with teeth to all the sugar !? I make my own toothpaste with bicarb and coconut oil now but get told I "should only be using a store bought with extra fluoride"!!!
    Thankyou so much honey xxo

  15. Ooh ! Also, where do stand on nut milk and coconut water. Like do you use them a lot for smoothies/drinking or just water ? <3

  16. @Anonymous - I LOVE dried fruit... I eat it every day :)

    I exercise pretty much every day. If I am sweating and panting for at least 20 mins - that is good enough!

    I drink coconut water a lot, and I love to add nut mylks to smoothies to make them uber creamy. I use baking soda (bicarb) as toothpaste and I have great oral health :) xxx

  17. Hey Emily, What a beautiful bowl of yumminess. We have a great raw restaurant near our home that serves acai bowls very similar to this. This looks amazing, so much so that I may have to go make myself one. I sometimes will throw in a little maca powder or spirulina to take the smoothie up a notch. Yummers!!


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