17 Mar 2014


A rather long title compared to most of my other posts, but I think every word is needed. I wanted to get your attention with a clever name, a short description and the most important part of this recipe, the fact that you don’t need any fancy equipment! That means zero dishes too! Hallelujah, baby. I made this tart on my family’s recent annual vacay to Tofino on Vancouver Island. It’s the ultimate west coast experience and in the waves and trees of this wise, old landscape lies my heart. This is my home.

The whole point of this recipe is that you can make it anywhere and you don’t have to use any equipment (besides a bowl and spoon). Share it with a friend, lover or yourself. It’s a delicious snack that takes only minutes to prepare and tastes *flipping gooooood*. If you have a tart tin handy, go ahead and use that for the crust, but of course I did not; because we stay in these little cabins (no, we do not own them, tragically) that are equipped with like two forks and a colander. Okay, I’m being a little harsh – they’re fairly well outfitted, just not compared to what I am used to. But I can deal! And I did. Check it. Save money, time, and dishes without skimping on big, healthy flavour! Ehh… I feel like that was an advertisement for microwave stir-fry. Nooo don’t eat that. Eat this.

Here’s the thing. The ingredients in this recipe are no different than what I use in all my other desserts: stuff like nuts, dates, fruit and cacao. The only difference is that instead of whipping them up in high-tech equipment to form them into different shapes (like a pie crust or cream cake), I’m simply leaving the foods *totally whole* and then – like with my other recipes – layering/presenting them in a pretty way. Get it? Have I been talking about this for too long? I guess it IS kinda obvious and most of you understood without even beginning to read these paragraphs. I’ll stop now. But better safe than sorry! Okay I will really stop now.


8 Medjool dates

Tart toppings:
1 banana
8 walnut halves 
1 teaspoon hemp seeds
1 teaspoon cacao nibs

Cacao-coco drizzle:
1 tablespoon Artisana coconut butter
1 teaspoon cacao powder

To make the crust: pit the dates and then rip them in half. Press them into a tart tin or simply into a circle on a plate. I know; almost TOO simple, right? 

To make the drizzle: melt the coconut butter in a warm oven or dehydrator then stir it together with the cacao power. Top off the crust with the toppings and drizzle with the… drizzle. 

Duuuuude, now I wanna make this again. 


Cortado Chronicles said...

Mmm, this looks gorgeous. And perfect for those with no food processor.

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar said...

This looks so freaking delicious! LOVE this recipe!

Rinoplastia said...

Very well

Anonymous said...

Why a million pictures of the same thing? It's so cumbersome. Why not pick the best 2-3 or take some process pictures?

Relogio de Ponto said...

Great tips. We love your blog. We are from Brazil.

Unknown said...

What I love most about this blog, is that I can easily take layers from different cake recipes here and there, put them together and make something "new" and delicious and tailored for my taste or whoever else I might be cooking for. :)
Also, i might of bought a certain book yesterday, I've also been dreaming about fruits and tulips, so I think its a sign spring might just be around the corner!!

Anonymous said...

Hippy Mom, Just tryin to keep myself together lately, I made this very late last night, it tasted delicious, my dates are from Costco as well and I love that soft ones in the middle, I also have the Nutiva Coconut oil 78 oz and Hemp hearts, too... Keep postin you sexy thang!

Anonymous said...

I love "the million pictures of the same thing"! Start eating some of these awesome creations and you won't be able to get enough. It's all about the experience :-)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind the pictures except it does make the site kinda slow to load.

Guro Nerheim said...

Dear Emiliy.
I am a 30 year old mom from Norway, who is a dedicated fan of your blog. When i came over your blog by chance, i had little experience whit raw food. I have two children who struggle with food intolerance. Then I slowly started introducing raw food to our diet, was not just the kids health improving, they also love the food. And I find raw food is both easier to prepare and tastes better than traditional coocking. So thank you for sharing! Its changed my and my kids lives.

Anonymous said...

My 6 year old and 10 year old made this tonight and everyone loved it. Thanks!

Unknown said...

raw pile!!!

Paula_A_Plus said...

Delicious. thanks for sharing :)