You read that right. Who's yo fave blog!? Huh? Yeah. My life is good. A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to receive a whole box of AMAZINGLY good artisan vegan chocolate from Amore di Mona. The best part is that this chocolate contains only ingredients I use myself when I make my own chocolate (raw agave syrup, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, vanilla, Himalayan salt and in some kinds - dried fruit and coffee). 

I love this brand and their product, so I am doing a Valentine's Vegan Chocolate Giveaway with them! Enter below (all you gotta do is hug a tree) and you're eligible to win 15 bars of the best chocolate everrr. Specifically, you could win: 

2 Dark Chocolate bars 
2 Dark Chocolate with currants
2 Dark Chocolate with crunchy coffee beans
2 Caramela bars
2 Caramela with cherries
2 Caramela with cranberries
And 2 Caramela with crunchy coffee beans

Note: this is for Canadian and U.S. residents only (sorry, everybody else... sad face). And you'd like to also order Amore di Mona Valentine's Day gift boxes from Amazon, you gotta do it by Tuesday, February 11th!

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