After the holidays some of us may be feeling bloated. I figured a cleansing smoothie recipe was what ya might be cravin'. And if you're in the best shape of your life - this is still perfect for you! Point being: it's never a bad time to drink a green smoothie. Even when sky-diving, it's still probably a good idea (just use your glass straw and an ecojarz lid). Dark leafy greens are seriously the best thing you can put in your body, and when you combine them with fresh fruits you've got a winning formula for long-lasting and delicious wellness. Oh baby it tastes gooood.

Onto the big news. I posted this on my Facebook - wow autocorrect capitalizes "facebook", welcome to 2014 - page earlier today, but I think it's worthy of being mentioned in a blog post too. As many of you know, I wrote my first book over the summer, titled Rawsome Vegan Baking, which you can have your hands on in just a couple months. The whole process was an absolute blast and I still can't believe I'm a legit author... like... what. Anyway.

I had a phone call with my publishing company this morning and they want me to write another book! 

My last cookbook was all raw vegan gluten-free desserts, so moving away from the healthful sweets, this upcoming book (to be published in December 2014) will be focused on juices, smoothies, nut milks, energy bars and snacks. All the recipes will be raw, vegan and gluten-free as you should expect pour moi. I'm really excited about this book because it will reflect what the majority of my diet usually is: smoothies (followed by your love, which I must consume daily to stay smiling). These are gonna be super healthy recipes for every person to enjoy. I actually made and photographed the first recipe for the book right after I got off the phone. 

I'll be going to school, writing a book, doing Emily things, and also working closely with a local company called Left Coast Naturals (more on that to come hehehe) so I will be very busy in the next four months! However, I'm also bursting with inspiration after my winter break, so I have a long list of recipes that I want to make, photograph in food porn fashion, and share on the blog. Everything from tiramisu to poutine... I'm gonna try to make it raw, vegan and beautiful just for you. One million hugs and kisses to you all. Talk soon.