Raw soup gets me through the winter. It's warming, filling, super nutritious, and easy and quick to make. You can basically throw whatever you want into the blender and it ends up being a delicious bowl of warm goodness. Think of raw soups as savoury smoothies. Or not. I don't wanna force you against your will or anything... our relationship doesn't have to go there. Let's keep it friendly, okay? Let's make some soup, yeah? 

In case you didn't just catch this from the series of mushroom photos above; I like shrooms. A) They are delicious and have a unique texture unlike any other plants (maybe that's because they're fungi, not plants... oh yeah) and B) they are B-E-A-UTIFUL, amiright? They look like magical clouds or intricate architectural plans. Enough about fungus for now though, the squash deserves some credit too; nobody gets left out 'round these parts. Butternut squash has loads of fiber and cancer-fighting beta-carotene, plus it's a lovely colour and also has a special taste profile which is even more flavourful when you serve it raw. 

Okay is it just me or is my writing irregularly weird today? Probably due to the fact that my mum is sitting in the same room as me practicing a script for a children's book (she's an actress); it's messing with my head and making it kinda hard to concentrate... 

"Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them... and doesn't know where to find them... and doesn't know where to find them..." 

AH. Enough! I'm just gonna give you guys the recipe: click here