24 Jan 2014


Raw soup gets me through the winter. It's warming, filling, super nutritious, and easy and quick to make. You can basically throw whatever you want into the blender and it ends up being a delicious bowl of warm goodness. Think of raw soups as savoury smoothies. Or not. I don't wanna force you against your will or anything... our relationship doesn't have to go there. Let's keep it friendly, okay? Let's make some soup, yeah? 

In case you didn't just catch this from the series of mushroom photos above; I like shrooms. A) They are delicious and have a unique texture unlike any other plants (maybe that's because they're fungi, not plants... oh yeah) and B) they are B-E-A-UTIFUL, amiright? They look like magical clouds or intricate architectural plans. Enough about fungus for now though, the squash deserves some credit too; nobody gets left out 'round these parts. Butternut squash has loads of fiber and cancer-fighting beta-carotene, plus it's a lovely colour and also has a special taste profile which is even more flavourful when you serve it raw. 

Okay is it just me or is my writing irregularly weird today? Probably due to the fact that my mum is sitting in the same room as me practicing a script for a children's book (she's an actress); it's messing with my head and making it kinda hard to concentrate... 

"Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them... and doesn't know where to find them... and doesn't know where to find them..." 

AH. Enough! I'm just gonna give you guys the recipe: click here


  1. yay, you really are posting much more savory recipes lately - thanks so much !! and it's funny, i have been thinking the same about mushrooms - somehow they remind me of cloudy little puffs or a fluffy fairy dress and also, for some reason, of hot-air balloons ôO
    anyways, love the recipe! wish they still sold squash in stores where i live, but oh well, gotta improvise again ; )
    xx maisy

  2. Elizabeth Hippy Mom--- Hey Emily, how are you? Well, I just love the way you put the color on top of the bowl of soup, I just made vegan split pea soup, I used split peas, veggie bouillon, aminos, pink salt, then I poured tons of veggies in it and boiled it down for hours and sided it with a crusty bread and cheese.
    Ok, as others have asked you to make or reinvent , recreate raw food recipes, I was wondering, do you know how to make cacao butter, just like a huge chunk of it , like you would buy from WFoods???
    I have cacao beans always. and I know you roast them. Thought id ask, if not ok, does your mom read your blog? If so tell her she should be proud.:)))) Have A peaceful evening as well.

    1. Hmm I think you need special equipment and you need to start with the whole "fruit" from the tree :S Gotta move to a farm in Mesoamerica!

  3. I agree with Maisy! Thanks for all the savoury goodness you've been posting! So inspiring. I'm tucking this one away for when winter comes around in NZ. Love! xx

  4. Oh my, this looks good! I don't have a dehydrator, could I put the mushrooms in the oven at a low temperature instead?

  5. This soup is calling my name Em! I love blending up veggies and creating wonderfully flavorful soups. And I also love that your a Raw cook who's not fanatical about how to prepare things. I'm certain this recipe is maximizing the nutrients in all those gorgeous mushrooms and the soup veggies without compromising on taste. One thing, I didn't see you list the drizzle on the soup here or in the recipe. Is it a chili oil? Thanks for another delicious meal ♥

  6. This looks marvelous! I wish I could literally grab the food right off the page and eat it. I'm recently discovering new types of mushrooms that I never would have thought of touching, since I've been eating more Asian foods. I think I might try this with some enoki mushrooms! Thanks for the great recipe!

  7. As always this looks absolutely delicious! I love love love all your recipes and photos :) it's so exciting when each post comes up! I'm definitely bookmarking this recipe :)

  8. Wow your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  9. Absolutely beautiful, yummy post. I love the close-ups of the mushrooms! I find mushrooms really interesting and pretty - strange! Haha.

  10. Loved the mushrooms. I felt the soup needed a bit of something. Not exactly sure what. I didn't do the chilly infused olive oil, maybe that would have done the trick. The soup was a bit tangy? I'll definitely be making it again though.

    Love your pics.

  11. This looks amazing!~ Cannot believe i only just saw it now. The link doesn't seem to work though, do you still have the recipe up? would love to try it. Also, totally agree about shrooms, they're beautiful xx

  12. Looks like the link is broken now. Can anyone post the recipe here for us latecomers? Thanks! Happy holidays!


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