My juice cleanse is going splendidly. I hope everyone else is feeling good too! This is my third day of just eating fruit and drinking juice. I am doing this to feel lighter, refreshed and give my system a break from heavier foods like nuts, grains and steamed vegetables. I started my day off RIGHT with a giant glass of watermelon juice. I'll give you the recipe in a minute below. Don't the photos just make your mouth water!? Yesterday I just ate fruit because I was lazy, and the day before I had a large glass of carrot apple ginger lemon juice and lots of fruit. Like I said, I'm feeling fantastic so I wanna continue with this cleanse for now. Maybe another day or two. In other news: you can pre-order my cookbook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! I know! I'm freaking out! In a good way!sexy and satisfying watermelon juice with peppermint:1 watermelon1/4 cup peppermint leaves3 ice cubesChop up the watermelon and then blend it into juice - it will liquify almost immediately. I blended up my watermelon in two batches because it was huge. Strain your juice and then pour it over ice and mint leaves. Slurp! So hydrating and sweet!