Today I am just going to share some photos with you that I took yesterday when my mom came home from the farmer's market carrying a super nutritious and colourful bounty. Most of the tomatoes are actually from our own garden but I threw them together with the other heirlooms she bought.

You don't need any skill to take beautiful pictures of organic, heirloom produce. They speak  for themselves with their intricate colouring and individual patterns. Mother nature is an artist, and she shows us her talent for abstract painting in every heirloom variety. As I was shooting these, I exclaimed to my mom that they are like precious jewels! Certainly more valuable than gold, because we will always require nourishment and love to fulfill our well being. 

I cannot help but relish in the incredible, explosive flavours of these tomatoes, and I am sure when my family and I enjoy the corn and eggplant, I'll have the same reaction again. Some claim that organic produce has no nutritional superiority compared to the conventionally-grown stuff, but I choose not to listen to these folks. I trust myself first, and I know I can taste the difference.

In any case, it's of paramount important that we support and encourage local, sustainable farming. As the truism goes: you vote with your wallet. Do you wish to see a healthy world being built for your children where love, wellness and acceptance are vital factors? Do you hope for a future where individuals and groups have the ability to know exactly what is in their food and the effects their consumerism has on the planet? Do you long for a time when corporations are powerless, we are not slaves to the economy, and we are free to live our best lives? I do.

This is why we go to the farmers market.