14 Aug 2013

gimme dat sweet hydrating juice

No better way to start your day than with a glorious glass of super charged energy elixir. Amiright!? I don't think I ate enough yesterday so this morning I was feeling a little weak (but also I have been doing mad squats lately so my legs were quite sore). I needed a pick-me-up and fast!

My regular breakfast of fresh juice took care of this and I was feeling strong and hyped again in no time. Is there anything fresh green juice CAN'T fix? I mean seriously, it reverses cancer. If I never find my soul mate I'll most likely do just fine because I will find a way to marry juice. (After I typed that out all the possible technical problems came to mind but I will push them aside in the name of love.)

After gulping down my juice while listening sweet tunes on the radio, I went to work prepping my dinner for tonight. I don't usually do fancy raw dinners, preferring to keep it simple and low-prep-time with big meals of salad, steamed veggies with whole grains, fruit bowls or smoothies; but today I felt like making something special that I could share with you. The recipe will be up tomorrow. If you want a hint, think: portobello meat balls with "slow-roasted" baby tomatoes and marinated zucchini noodles.

Dang. I just gave it away.

hydrating cucumber pineapple juice

1/2 pineapple
2 green apples
1 cucumber
1 small garlic clove
1 tablespoon fresh ginger
1 lemon 
anything else your heart desires 

Wash, peel and slice your produce as needed. Put through your juicer than slurp away. 


kelli said...

ha! beautiful juice. and your hint just made me really hungry!=)

Unknown said...

I look forward to the portabello meatball recipe! The juice sounds good too but the garlic is throwing me a bit...despite it's nutritional benefits, I think I would leave it out of fruity juice.

Alison @ Daily Moves and Grooves said...

I've never had a green juice before, but they always look so refreshing and energizing! One day, one day.

Kel said...

Just as I had been looking for inspiration for a new green juice recipe, your post arrived. A gorgeous recipe, thank you! Your blog has been an inspiration for me to (finally) begin my own blog about living the life of raw food.
Raw, vegan food taking over the world..

Sophie said...

Hey there! Just wondering… Do you eat steamed veggies on a raw diet? Isn't that "cooking"? Thanks!

Em von Euw said...

Hello! Yes it is. I do not eat a 100% raw diet and to be honest I don't recommend it. It's too expensive and restrictive for the average person. Also, most raw food advocates who started out years ago praising a 100% raw diet are now changing their habits and incorporating simple cooked foods like steamed veggies and whole grains like quinoa and brown rice because their all-raw diets just could not cover all the nutrition bases. I learned through my own experiences that a high raw, vegan, whole foods diet works best for me :)

Em von Euw said...

Haha fair enough!

Ötso said...

That's it I'm buying a god damn juicer!

Agotar said...

I have a VitaMix. Does it matter or do we just want the juice?

Em von Euw said...

usnig your vita mix will work , it just depends on if you like the taste :)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

i was just wondering what is the best juicer to buy right now? Vitamix or some other ? thanks