product review: morrocco method shampoo, conditioner + facial scrub

I've tested Morrocco Method products before and loved them, so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity again, this time trying out a conditioner and a facial scrub along with shampoo. Not surprisingly, I really like all of them. MM's products are ALL raw, vegan, gluten-free and wild-crafted. There are absolutely no filler ingredients, chemically enhanced scents or suffering animals involved! Now that's my kind of beauty /cleansing product.

They smell DIVINE, just like when I make my own shampoo, and work excellently on all hair types. I know this because I have very fine hair (like a baby... seriously) while my mom has super thick hair and yet we both wind up with shiny, healthy, strong hair after using MM shampoos and conditioners.

As for the facial scrub: what a treat! It cleans my face and makes my skin shine, while keeping it moisturized - naturally. My stance on this company hasn't changed - I recommend their luxurious, natural and cruelty-free products to anyone with hair! And their facial scrub to anyone with a face. Because Morrocco Method is such a rad company and they love you (I love you too, don't worry) - they wanna give you a 15% off discount on all their amazing products! This is for new members only. The coupon code is: MMRawsomeHair. Use it on their website and get clean. This coupon code will expire on August 31, 2013.

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