17 Jun 2013

pizza with red pepper flax crust, sun-dried tomato sauce, pine nut cheese & veggies

Hey there, pretty people. Today I share one mega delish recipe with you, and it's not dessert (finally)! This pizza is gonna blow your mind; I ate almost the entire thing myself. I recommend you it with avocado slices and parma on top.

pizza with red pepper flax crust, sun-dried tomato sauce, pine nut cheese & veggies

1c. pine nuts (can try macadamia nuts or cashews)
juice of 1 lemon
1 garlic clove
2tsp herbes de provence (or other herbs)
2T rejuvelac (or water)
2T nutritional yeast
salt, to taste
1 red bell pepper
1/3c. each sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds
salt and pepper, to taste
3/4c. chopped tomatoes
3T sundried tomatoes
1/2tsp lemon juice
1-2 dates
1T miso (or less sea salt)
1 small garlic clove
Basil and oregano, to taste
Any vegetable you want + 1tsp each olive oil and tamari
Blend all of the cheese ingredients. Place in cheesecloth and place in bowl. Let sit 2-5 days (can be less, but it has better flavor this way). Process all of your crust ingredients in a food processor. Bake in oven at lowest setting for 3-5 hours. Coat vegetables in olive oil and tamari, let marinade in lowest oven setting for an hour. Blend sauce ingredients, spread on crust. Top with cheese, then vegetables. Enjoy!


  1. Your pictures are definitely getting me salivating...! I've had a great raw pizza in a restaurant in London but never tried making it myself at home as I thought it wouldn't work without a dehydrator. I should definitely give yours a go though

  2. Love this! Someday I would really like to invest in a dehydrator, when I have the time and money for it. Right now I'm hunting for a affordable second-hand Vitamix, as my Kenwood blender has just given up.

  3. omg. i was craving pizza today- how did you know!?

  4. Yuuuuummmmm this looks amaaazing!! Now I really need me a dehydrator...

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  8. The link for this recipe and other recipes is not working! :(

  9. I want to make this pizza tooo...

  10. Can you put the recipe in a comment? Cause the website link does not have the recipe on it anymore:( and I was sad cause looks so delicious!

  11. Best pizza ever!! I want this for dinner tonight (or breakfast right now) ;)

  12. HI Emily! Could you post the recipe of this delicious pizza? The link doesn´t work! Thanks!!!

  13. @Ali
    @Antonela de Alva

    I just added it to this post :) Sorry about that!

  14. if you bake the crust in the oven then it is no longer raw. definatley dehydrate!

  15. Does the Red Pepper have a strong taste in the crust?

    1. Not super strong, but if you aren't into the flavour, you could maybe use tomatoes instead?

  16. But this is not raw. It goes in the oven


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