guest post: wholesome vs. processed foods by valerie johnston

wholesome versus processed foods

People today are extremely concerned with making sure they are always doing everything they can to keep their bodies healthy and clear of any unnecessary toxins or byproducts. This is especially true when it comes to eating well. If you are one of these individuals and you want to make sure you are eating the best foods for your body, you should know the difference between foods that have been processed and foods that are organic, as well as the benefits and downfalls of each.

dangers of chemicals

You can usually tell when a food item has been highly processed. If an item comes in a can, chances are it is not natural. If it does not say “organic” it has likely been through several treatment processes before hitting the shelves in the store. If you are very careful about what you buy, it can be pretty easy to avoid these foods. However, if you are not observant you may be buying all kinds of processed foods without even recognizing it. The dangers of these foods are something that a lot of people are absolutely unaware of.

Processed foods normally undergo a long system of treatments in a factory. These processes often entail a lot of different chemicals and even some toxic ingredients that are sprayed onto the foods. This really applies to vegetables specifically. Sometimes, these vegetables are sprayed with certain chemicals while they are still in the fields and then again when they are harvested and shipped off to the store. These chemicals have been linked to all sorts of things, including types of cancer, infections, and even other diseases or sicknesses. If you are not careful to look at the ingredients and whether the foods you are buying have been processed, you could be putting yourself and your family in a lot of danger.

benefits of organic foods

Organic {whole} foods, on the other hand, do not pose any danger to your health. In fact, these kinds of foods are often much better for you than anything else you could eat. They do not contain unnatural chemicals and have most of the time not been handled extensively. There is usually no middleman or any kind of process that could compromise the healthiness of these foods. They are simply good and good for you.

One main reason you might be afraid to try to go organic is that it sounds like it could be very expensive. Many people are under the misconception that all-natural foods have to cost a lot of money or are ridiculously unaffordable. This is actually not true. While there are some things that may average a little higher on the price range than processed foods, organic options can be found all over the place for some pretty reasonable prices. If you know where to look, you can find all the same foods you love in their organic versions, and for a similar price to the processed versions.

Eating healthy and staying well is definitely possible, but you need the right tools to succeed. You have to know what kinds of food to buy and why you should buy them. Organic options are always the best way to go when you have the chance. If you are not sure how to get started on buying wholesome options, do some research and find the nearest health foods store. You won’t regret it.

Valerie Johnston is a health and fitness writer located in East Texas. With ambitions of one day running a marathon, writing for ensures she keeps up-to-date on all of the latest health and fitness news.