back from tofino, back to the city

It was a wonderful little break in Tofino (on Vancouver Island) from the busy life I have created for myself here in Vancouver. I got to forget about work, school and the blog! To be honest, I missed making recipes, photographing them and writing for you guys. But I jumped right back into it - chocolate truffles are setting as I type.

Tofino has got to be one of my favourite places on the planet. I have visited a lot of places (on this continent) so that statement actually carries meaning. Vancouver Island is a home away from home because we - my nuclear family and I - have been going there for one week every year since I was a wee little baby. There's no other place that has the peace, tranquility, and contentedness that parts of the island have, as well as all the little islands to the east of it, between it and the mainland.

There's no big cities, and the residents live there because they have a passion for wilderness and simple living, and a dislike of consumerism and the daily stress of city life. I imagine I will live on Cortes Island (one of those little guys to the east of Van Island) for at least a short period of my life, maybe with my boyfriend. We could build a cabin (or find one), have a little garden, and focus on what's important - meditation; personal, spiritual and emotional growth; and connecting to the beautiful world around us!

Honestly, we don't do much when we are there - that's the whole point. We walk on the beach, watch the waves, storms, sunrises and sunsets, play games, read, and sleep in. The last couple years I have been bringing the Vitamix so I can have smoothies everyday. I also ate a lot of fruit each day, and had a large salad every night, along with some of what my family was eating - mostly cooked veggies and vegan meats. Gardein is seriously delicious, okay? 

We went into town one day and of course I visited the thrift shop. It is owned by a completely rad couple who seriously provide the definition for "far out". She makes jewelry from crystals, kelp and driftwood; I found two pieces I loved - one for me, one for the boyfriend. Mine is an amethyst wrapped in kelp and the one I bought for my beau is a chunk of the same stone embedded in a barnacle shell. 

I wish I were back there right now but alas, life is not about getting everything you want the moment you want it. Happiness comes from fulfilling your desires after you have overcome challenges to achieve them! Food tastes better after you exercise and likewise, relaxing breaks are better after you work for them. So until next year... I leave my heart with you, Tofino! Keep it safe for the next 12 months.