4 Jan 2013

juice fast: day 2

Today is swell so far! Woke up, worked out (not too much though, gotta keep my body in a relaxed state to detox efficiently), cleaned my room, took a shower, then made this giant glass of juice. It is pretty sweet so I am now looking forward to making a savoury dinner juice for me and the boyfriend. Speaking of which - he is joining me in this juice fast! But only for the weekend. Then we are both back to school and work after the holiday. Hmph. 

I feel really good; I have lots of energy, am feeling clean and sense that my body is working to get out any toxins that have accumulated in my system. Tonight I will take it easy and watch a movie or something with my beau while we sip some kale & garlic concoction. I know many of you are joining me on this fast, and some of you were fasting already. How are YOU doing? 

pink lady juice:

1 large beet
2 carrots
1 meyer lemon
1 orange
2 green apples
2 pineapple slices
1 bell pepper
1 cucumber

Peel and slice as needed. Juice and drink. 
Have a wonderful Friday and listen to this song!


Anonymous said...

You're lucky your boyfriend is joining you on this juicy adventure. :) I have yet to convince mine of the healthy eating mindset!

Rachel said...

Hello! My name is Rachel and I just discovered your blog when I found one of your recipes on pinterest. Thought I'm neither vegan or vegetarian, I truly admire your lifestyle and food choices. But I am working towards eating healthier (ie less processed foods, sugar etc and more whole foods, veggies and fruits!) and I'm loving all your recipes! Quick question about this juice, what is a meyer lemon, and is it different than a regular lemon? I've written down all the fruits and vegetables I'll need to make some of your juices, and I'm excited to try them out! Thanks again for a great blog!

Shiva said...

I can't manage to convince anyone to join me.. Which makes me feel a little "uh" because I wish my closest friends would see the point, trust me, and try it out instead of judging it to be impossible without trying. I'm on day 5 now, the last 2 nights have been rough as I've not been able to go to sleep - partly due to hunger, partly due to my neighbor blasting music.. I notice I just want avocado in a million different ways. Interesting, when I was "only" a vegetarian and went on the master cleanse a bunch of times, I think I wanted cheesy things.

Also, I keep intending to make less sweet juices, but I have such a hard time enjoying them - carrots are the one exception, but they're really sweet anyway, so..

Anonymous said...

Hi Em! I've just found your warm and inviting blog and look forward to trying out some of those delicious looking recipes. My partner and I are working towards being raw vegan and have just finished an amazing juice cleanse. We feel fantastic!! Our blog is www.destinationraw.org, I think we'll be back for inspiration as newbie vegans :-)

Claire said...

I'm going well :) Today's day 8 and going strong. Posted about it here http://www.skinny-vegan-food.com/2013/01/juice-fast-days-4-8.html#.UOtYkKVrUR4
I think it's far easier in this lovely summer weather though. This one sounds yum! definitely on my to try list- thanks! x

Juice cleanes program said...

Hi Emily, its nice to read about your juice cleanse detox program. Very glad to see that you are getting positive results from your detox program. Definitely there is no doubt that juice cleanse is one of the best methods to keep your mind and body fresh and fit. I love juicing and already completed 2 juice cleanse detox programs.

Em von Euw said...

Aw, it's really important! You gotta have that support.
Thank you :)

Em von Euw said...

Thanks so much, Rachel! What a positive comment. Much love, Em

Em von Euw said...

Oh man, I'm sorry about all that, Shiva. It can be a tough time if you're doing it all alone. My heart goes out to you! At least you have the internet community supporting you, right?


Em von Euw said...

Thank you so much! That's such great news. Congrats and good luck. Hope to hear from you again :)

Em von Euw said...

Congratulations, Claire! You're a superwoman!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
I just discovered your blog, and I'm devouring it. Food blogs are my primary source of distraction, and as such I think I've read almost everything you've written in the past two days. I am just curious - I've often found juicing to be too wasteful for me. Is there anything you do with all the pulp and fibres after juicing?

Em von Euw said...

Thanks so much! =D
Good point. Of course I compost all the pulp and it helps grow my beautiful garden which gives me back more delicious food. BUT if you want to use it immediately, go ahead and put it in baked goods, raw cakes, cupcakes or crackers, etc. For example - use carrot pulp for a raw carrot cake, apple pulp in baked whole grain muffins, tomato pulp in raw crackers, blah blah.

xox, em