juice fast: day 2

Today is swell so far! Woke up, worked out (not too much though, gotta keep my body in a relaxed state to detox efficiently), cleaned my room, took a shower, then made this giant glass of juice. It is pretty sweet so I am now looking forward to making a savoury dinner juice for me and the boyfriend. Speaking of which - he is joining me in this juice fast! But only for the weekend. Then we are both back to school and work after the holiday. Hmph. 

I feel really good; I have lots of energy, am feeling clean and sense that my body is working to get out any toxins that have accumulated in my system. Tonight I will take it easy and watch a movie or something with my beau while we sip some kale & garlic concoction. I know many of you are joining me on this fast, and some of you were fasting already. How are YOU doing? 

pink lady juice:

1 large beet
2 carrots
1 meyer lemon
1 orange
2 green apples
2 pineapple slices
1 bell pepper
1 cucumber

Peel and slice as needed. Juice and drink. 
Have a wonderful Friday and listen to this song!