fruit tarts with chai cream filling

Mmm... these tarts are fresh take on this older recipe. I wouldn't say this one is far better or anything, just different. The crust is mostly oats and the filling is infused with chai tea. Once you take your first bite, expect to have trouble putting the tart down. These are an excellent option for breakfast. Load them up with fruit and you're good to go. 

This was the first thing I ate today because I just got back from my boyfriends place and had to take these pictures right away before the light got too dark outside. (It gets dark at like 4:00 PM during the winter here.) Of course then I took all my photos and loaded them onto my computer only to realize I had left the light on in the kitchen so these are not great pictures ANYWAY. Derp. 

fruit tarts with chai cream filling: makes about 4 tarts

1 cup raw oats (or gluten-free buckwheat groats)
1 cup dates

1/4 cup strong brewed chai tea, plus the chai filling in the tea bag
3/4 cup cashews
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 banana
1 tablespoon melted coconut oil
1/4 cup agave/maple syrup

To make the crust: pulse the oats and dates together in your food processor until it starts to stick together. Press into the bottom of tart molds. Set in the fridge.

To make the filling: blend all ingredients together in your food processor until smooth. It should be pretty thick but keep it mind it will thicken more. If it's very thin, add another banana or more cashews. Put the filling in each tart mold and set in the fridge or freezer overnight (or for a few hours if you simply can't wait).

Decorate with fresh and dried fruit and enjoy!