30 Oct 2012

juice fast: day 4

juice fast still going strong. although today is definitely my most intense detox day so far. i have a pretty bad headache, feel light-headed and all my muscles are sore. similar to what i've been feeling, but more concentrated. i am supposed to work tonight but i might just take it off to rest. good thing i don't have class on tuesdays.

today's post is actually about yesterday so i'll keep it short because later today i will also be posting about my day... today. confusing, i know. time warp. yesterday's juices were green and delicious. the first one was mostly parsley carrot orange with apple, tomato and a bit of spinach.

skin cleanser: serves one or two

1 cup spinach
1 cup parsley
2 apples
1 orange
4 carrots
2 tomatoes

wash. peel. juice. drink. 

i was also pretty physically involved yesterday. i vacuumed the house then carried crates of wine downstairs, and later later helped my boyfriend move into his new place. i carried his stuff up six flights of stairs. i got a bit light-headed at times but i did it. i can be kind of stubborn.

my second juice of yesterday was similar to the first. lots of parsley, apple and orange. i wasn't sure if i'd like the parsley but i LOVED it! it adds a sensational savoury tone to the juice that fills you up and highlights particular flavours.

green juice goddess: serves one or two

1 cup parsley
2 apples
4 carrots
2 oranges
1/2 cucumber 

wash. peel. juice. drink. <3

my dinner juice was this recipe. current fave!

then i got my parents to watch a documentary about juice. fat, sick & nearly dead. you can find it for free online if you try. i watched it during my previous fast and was inspired! there should be more docs about juice fasting, and fasting in general!

at this point, the fast seems to be flying by and i'm not craving any food yet. right now i feel i can go for another 16 days. especially since i'm experiencing detox today - good sign! i had trouble falling asleep last night but once i DID get asleep, i slumbered pretty deeply. was FINALLY able to sleep in.

i dreamt of kittens.

i am craving some juice right now (haven't had any today yet) so i will talk to you guys soon! going to take it easy today, have a bath, and let my body do it's thang.


Gino said...

Hi again!
Well, you have me hooked. I'm learning all I can about raw cooking, eating. But I have a challenge for you. I found this recipe and I'd love to try it made raw and healthy. Can you help me (and all of us) out? I know you are most likely busy with your cookbook, (Congratulations!!!!) but if you get the time, this sounds like it would be very heathy if done your way. Thanks!

Gino said...

BTW, I'm having the Green Goddess juice for breakfast this morning. It sounds so good can hardly wait. TY Emily, you're a fantastic chef :)

Emily von Euw said...

Easy! :) Use coconut milk instead of milk, maple syrup instead of condensed milk and sugar, and cacao powder instead of cocoa!

Emily von Euw said...

Thanks! :D

Gino said...

Thanks :)

Jennifer beaudoin said...

do you just drink that one juice all day and how much does it make im brand new to juicing so not sure how to do it or go about starting :) can I make them the night before its hard in the early morning or at work but thanks for the recipes some sound really good and others ill have to maybe wait on lol

Emily von Euw said...

I drink about 3 glasses a day when I am fasting ,and they are each about 4 cups of juice.

Helen Taoa said...

What's Juice fasting? Can you ellaborate please

Amber said...

Helen, you should watch "Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead" for a basic understanding of juice fasting. It's a brilliantly made film.

Amber said...

Emily, do you always peel your fruit and veggies? Just wondering, because, as a somewhat lazy person, I find myself buying organic in order to avoid this extra step. I know some people call for just throwing things in as for juicing and mixing, but some call for peeling beforehand. What are you thoughts?

Emily von Euw said...

I love that one!

Emily von Euw said...

If you buy organic, and/or from the farmers market, you probably just need to wash the produce :)