ultimate best chocolate milkshake

ever seen DQ's brownie batter blizzard? this is better. seriously you're gonna die (in the best way possible). this thing is SO DELICIOUS. So is this "milkshake" recipe, AND it has avocados!

the best part of course, is that it is good for you. it's mostly bananas, nut milk, cacao and dates. you could also add some protein powder. the first time i made this scrumptious chocolate monster was two days ago when my girl friend was over. our plan for the night was to dance, laugh and watch a lame movie. oh and eat amazing raw food! we accomplished all of it.

i improvised this in the kitchen before we left for my friends house and we couldn't BELIEVE how good it was. we freaked for like 10 minutes. i hadn't blended it completely so there were still small chunks of date and it seriously reminded me of a brownie batter blizzard from dairy queen. i made it for the second time today and did the exact same thing. oh my god all over again. this is a new favourite.

best freaking chocolate milkshake ever: serves 2 people (or me)

3 frozen bananas (peel before putting them in the freezer)
handful of dates
2 tablespoon cacao
1 tablespoon maple syrup/agave/other sweetener 
handful cashews or 1 tablespoon nut butter
2 cups water/non-dairy milk
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
1/8 teaspoon cayenne (optional)
handful ice cubes

blend all ingredients together until ALMOST totally smooth. for the love of all that is good, leave those tiny date pieces in there. it should be pretty thick just like a milkshake at this point, but maybe one of us forgot something so do what ya gotta do to make it how you want. then pour it in a giant glass and slurp it up with a big ole straw all by yourself, or with someone you love.