health on a budget summit

You guys, I have been asked to be an affiliate for the Health On A Budget Summit, which is a 5 day event hosted by Raw Foods On A Budget. Check it out here.

 Pretty cool, huh? The following gives you a good idea about what this Summit is about.
And DON'T WORRY - IT'S FREE! And online.

Let’s be honest, the topic of being healthy on a budget has been brushed aside for WAY TOO LONG! And in the current economy, we need these answers more than ever! The people over at the Health on a Budget Summit have made it their mission to find experts in affordable healthy living and they have brought them to you! For FREE!

The Health on a Budget Summit is a FREE 5-Day online conference that will be aired LIVE from May 19th to 23rd! During the Summit, you will be able to listen to over 30 talks and interviews with experts discussing topics like:

Eating Raw Foods on a Budget
Eating Vegan on a Budget
Eating Vegetarian on a Budget
Eating Organic on a Budget
Eating Gluten-Free on a Budget
Feeding Your Family on a Budget
Foraging Basics and Foraging in Urban Areas
Eating Healthy on Food Stamps
Eating Healthy in College
Raw Food for Busy People
Getting Fit on a Budget
Budgeting 101
Raising Financially Responsible Children
Creating a Budget that You Love
Live More on Less
Gardening on a Budget
Getting Healthcare on a Budget
Natural Beauty on a Budget

The Summit will feature a Cooking section that will showcase affordable raw, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes; a Fitness section featuring exercise videos exclusively created for the Summit; a Summit cookbook with 100+ vegan, raw, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes; Gardening and Budgeting 101 guides; and a HUGE Community Forum!

Take advantage of these AMAZING registration options that are GUARANTEED to fit your budget!

+ If you are low on money, attend the conference for FREE!
+ If you are low on time, invest in the premium registration (less than 8 cents a day) and get access to the Summit for a whole year! And you get the Summit recipe book too!
+ Want more raw foods in your budget-conscious life, become an All Star!
So many options…which one is right for you?

Register HERE.