12 Apr 2012

Cheese, seeds, and a lecture.

Yesterday night I put some cashews and pine nuts in water to soak overnight, so today I could make nut cheese and cheescake! They are both ready to roll now. I think I'll let the nut cheese age for 2 or 3 days, and we will eat the cheesecake tomorrow. I can't wait. 

Mom borrowed the gardening book The Zero Mile Diet today, and also bought some organic seeds to plant! We like West Coast Seeds. They're totally organic, and local! So my mum got the idea we could actually go and visit where they harvest their seeds - it's a short drive from our home.

 Everything in the title is right.

The post today is short but - if you take the time to watch this video - informative! It's a "lecture" (I don't like using that word) on why you might want to consider a vegan diet. It should be a more popular video because it's one of the best I've heard, to be honest. 

The guy is easy to listen to, understandable, uses simple logic that no one can really debate, and doesn't try to preach. He lays down the FACTS, and you can do with them what you will. 

This actually convinced my previously vegetarian friend to try veganism! And several other people have told me it got them seriously rethinking their diet choices. Woot! Open minds!

(after the 1st minute it gets interesting)

This guy stole all my best points though >=(

If you're vegan already, watch this and remember why =) If you aren't, watch this and learn about the effects of your lifestyle and ask yourself if you are comfortable with them. Show this to everyone you care about! 

I really believe the key to success is knowledge - pretty obvious huh? So success on a vegan diet is the same! Get informed. Get knowledgeable. Most importantly - OPEN YOUR MIND. Leave all convictions at the door. The facts are out there and they will help you see that a vegan diet is in fact more sane than a non-vegetarian one.  
Vegans are the NORMAL ONES! =)

Please - just watch the video. And have an amazing day!


Anonymous said...

I'm vegan and would pay anything to have everyone do the same, but I think videos like this don't do as much good as I would like.

The very messages that are instilled, that we are trying to counter aren't necessarily always portrayed in a fear or truth format (exclude all the ridiculous "germ" and pharma messages). Usually pretty people, in pretty scenes, with pretty music, and a pretty story are used to convince people, with a dash of "you aren't good enough so get this" tossed in.

To get the point across, we need the same marketing. Pretty celebs going vegan and blaming it on their pretty skin is a start, but even better is to make it seem if 'youre out' or don't get it or not cool if you're eating flesh. I'm talking about barely moral marketing, but sadly it's what both environmentalists and vegans have to do to fight the machine.

Em von Euw said...

Great opinion! Thanks. I feel ya. Marketing is a business and some strategies work better than others indeed. It's clear by looking at recent human history which ways those are - the ones that make people feel inadequate. But there's also people who that WON'T work for, because they understand the game. So in those situations - stuff like this work =) Generally though, yes, the nice way isn't gonna change most people. Normally it wouldn't bother me (just let them see the light in their own time, etc.) but in this case, millions of beings are tortured and murdered everyday. That must stop ASAP.

Bridget said...

I adore your blog! YOU are AWESOME. We have a lot of the same beliefs, I like that. It's good to find other fellow health and nature enthusiasts out there. I just watched the ARFF video you posted and just want to say thank you. It opened my mind up even more to synching with my current beliefs about eating animal products (not eating them of course). It made me think twice about honey though. I need to do more research about it, but up until now I was ok with eating raw, unheated honey. Do you have any opinions on that?
I recently did a non-dairy yogurt review about a company that puts BACK in the lactase enzyme just so we can digest it! It didn't hit me until now how crazy that is. If we can't eat it to begin with, why just add something in to make it digestible? It disgusts me how our society and culture was brought up and raised (me being a victim as well) to rely on dairy and meat products to be "healthy." I have hope thought that in time a significant change will happen. Until then, I just work on getting my own body, as well as my family, friends, and anyone else who cares to listen, to the utmost health it can be.

Thanks for blogging about these awesome topics. Looking forward to reading your future posts =)


Em von Euw said...

=D Wonderful to read your comment, Bridget! Thank you SO MUCH. Hmm, looks like we Do have a lot in common. Currently I am eating raw honey, although I used to not. I may change back eventually but for now I am comfortable with it. It is VERY important that it's humane and raw though, otherwise it's not good for you or the bees.

Ahem to THAT! Diary consumption is so ironic. We're told to drink milk for strong bones, but in reality it results in osteoporosis. Whadda scam. Thanks, dairy industry.

I look forward to seeing your future comments ;) Have a beautiful day!