we got coconut oil in da house

First of all: update on my fast. I had to end it early because I had school today. However, things look good for the 21 day fast I'd like to do in a month! Because on my 2nd day I felt good. Tired and a little weak, yes; but mentally I felt like I could surely go a long time. I didn't even particularly want to eat...

Very different from the 1st day - I was just hungry and doubting if I wanted to do this; which usually happens on the first day of any fast/cleanse, but after that it's easy. Anyhoo - SOON.

Moving on. Today we got our package from Upaya Naturals! It was a big, heavy brown box that contained treasure. Treasure, meaning a gallon of Tropic's Best raw virgin coconut oil, Sunfood cacao powder, and Strawesome glass straws! YAAAAY. 

You will be seeing some more raw chocolate very soon =) Speaking of chocolate... care for some pudding? I made some last night for my parents and I, since we had 3 avocados that were VERY ripe and screaming to be used in pudding. They got their wishes. Here's the recipe

I was late for class because I was taking photos! But when I got to campus I learned my lecture was cancelled anyway... So I ended up talking for two hours with my friend who happened to be there until my next class. Things have a way of working out.