day dreams,flowers & bees

Today was lovely, and it's not over yet.

I woke up, went to class, and when I returned home I had a quick workout. Then I noticed the sun was shining brightly outside so I decided I'd spend the afternoon in our yard. I put lemon juice in my hair - it makes it lighter - and with green smoothie (and glass straw!) in hand, I went out.

There's something very special and wonderful about eating raw plants in nature; because nature IS raw plants! This is why I love drinking green smoothies outside. You feel extraordinarily connected to the planet and all it includes. As I walked around in the sun rays, sipping my elixir, I noticed the first signs of spring.

Tiny flowers and leaves were bright and blooming everywhere you looked. 

Even in winter, you still see the smallest signs of life and determination. The thought went through my head many times that nothing is ever totally dead. There isn't such a thing as absolute death. 

Life is infinite. 

Everything is just recycled again and again, becoming something new each time, but never completely ending. Because how could you judge when something ends? It doesn't disappear. It's cells are simply re-arranged. Quite a lovely fact about this world we get to participate in. 

Our kale never stopped growing once all year. It defied the temperatures, storms and wind. What a champ. Guess what's in my smoothie today. Kale. 

I noticed the bees busily getting pollen from all the flowers, like a group of relentless workers. I laid down beside them to watch them go about their day's labour. I must have laid there listening to my music and watching them, fascinated, for over an hour. The sun continued to shine.

Then I noticed that apparently my smoothie wasn't finished! The last of it was being devoured by several hungry creatures behind me. I felt great that we could share our food, and not worry about anything but staying warm and getting enough nutrients together. 

Everybody gets some love.

Whadda cutie.

I then proceeded to dance around like a wood elf for another hour or so. When you get a sunny and WARM day here, you don't waste it inside if you have a choice. At least I don't. Finally I went back inside and had a lovely bath, washing the lemon, leaves, moss and twigs out of my hair. I think I brought half the nature in our yard back inside with me. 

Now I'm writing this, and soon my friends will be here. We're gonna relax and light incense in the Zen Den tonight. Looking forward to it. That's all for now! Tomorrow I'll share ANOTHER killer cupcake recipe and one for zucchini pasta. Nom.

Namaste, my friends - Have a beautiful day!