raw dilly bars

Do you know what a Dilly Bar is? It's a classic DQ ice cream treat; a circle of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate. Looks like this.

Well. The other day we were driving home and we passed a DQ when my mom remembered that me and my brothers used to love Dilly Bars, so she told us. I guess I remembered them in my subconscious because I hadn't heard, seen or thought of them in years - yet I instantly knew what they were!

"Aren't those those circlular ice cream bars in chocolate?" 
"Yep! You guys LOVED 'em when you were little."
"Hmm... I think I'll make a raw vegan version."

And so the idea was born. Honestly, these are pretty darn easy. You just need to get your fave ice cream (I recommend my raw recipe) and cover it in melted dark chocolate, or raw chocolate. These are full of nutrients and whole foods, not whatever the heck is in a DQ Dilly Bar... because frankly I don't even WANT to know.

They're really yummy. I mean, you have ice cream covered in chocolate. Need I say more?
No. But I will anyway.

I suggest making several of these so you can share them with your family for a fun and special dessert or snack. Or perhaps make just one and share it with your significant other, for a romantic time... ?
They're a bit messy, so it'll be an entertaining meal. These are literally finger lickin' good! I got chocolate all over my face =)

You know it's good when you get dirty.

I hope this is a refreshing and delightful treat for you! May it get you through this dreary day; it's been pouring all day here. I suppose I don't mind it, because I don't have class today. But still, the weather definitely regulates my daily mood.

Raw Dilly Bars: makes 2

1 cup of your fave ice cream
1 bar dark chocolate or raw chocolate

Let the ice cream thaw so you can press it into two cookie cutter molds... you can actually use any shape you want, but my inspiration today was Dilly Bars so I did a circle. 
Put them back in the freezer until hard enough to take out of the mold without losing the shape, but soft enough to stick a popsicle stick into (this took about an hour for me). Then freeze until totally solid.

Now melt the chocolate, or make the raw chocolate. Dip the ice cream bars into it, holding them by the stick, until they're completely coated. Feel free to add nuts, dried berries or coconut onto the liquid chocolate coating now! I kept it simple. 

Stick 'em in the fridge if you're gonna eat them right away. If you're not, put them in the freezer and when you DO wanna eat them, take them out and let them thaw for 20 minutes or so. Enjoy!

Oh goodness gracious. I try to think of perfect things the planet has NOT provided for us... and I can never come up with anything. We truly live in a miracle world, and I thank the universe every day for the grace and fortune I'm blessed with.

Like, hello!? Look at these gorgeous ice cream treats. These are good for you; that says it all. Mother Nature loves us. Yes, there's still suffering in the world, but I happen to believe humans are gonna be just fine. We're still so young, we've got a lot to figure out. Just give us time and we'll find our rhythm in the global ecosystem.

For now - let's enjoy what is already perfect. 

Bon Appetit!