i want to live in a shoebox

Howdy folks. So if you read my blog regularly, you probably have figured out I'm a bit of a hippie. Okay, a lot of a hippie. I can't help it - I am the quintessential flower child. And I ain't changin' any time soon.

Now having said that; what do you imagine a dirty, kale-munching hippie living in? Perhaps a colourfully painted VW microbus, complete with peace signs and psychedelic flowers? That WAS one of my original dreams: drive around the world in one of those puppies, with a bunch of friends, good music and no plan. I think I'll still do that sometime, but the plan has changed a tad.

No, I'm not going to live in a dumpster, or be homeless, wild and free. NOW, I have the perfect plan for my future living situation. One of these babies.

They're super tiny houses! I'm going to buy the plans for one of them (haven't decided which one yet) and use salvaged wood and materials to build it for cheap! This is so ideal for me, though it might not be the best idea for most people. Do you:

- want to save money?
- not like doing housework?
- not like paying the mortgage, or other monthly bills?
- love to travel? 
- like to build things?
- love the outdoors?
- are comfortable with smallish spaces?
- don't have too many people to take care/live with?

Then this is for you!!! I hit all of those criteria on the mark, so I don't see me doing it any other way. 

I used to want to save up a butt-load of money and build my own off-the-grid, renewable energy-run zion house, complete with garden and forest. Something like this: 

This house is actually the most energy efficient in the world, and it's in Victoria!

But then I realized it would cost me about $500,000. I don't wanna spend that much of my life working to make that much money. One of these tiny houses will only cost me $20,000 TOPS. I'm thinking it'll be more like $5,000 or $10,000. Very do-able. In fact, there's tons of videos on YouTube about people who have done this for under $4,000. Check them out here.

I've been serious about doing this after I move out for several months now. I don't know WHEN that will be, but I'd like to start building one of these in the next few years! Then all I gotta do is grab a friend or find a romantic companion (or not...) and hit the road! Driving wherever I want, buying fresh produce along the way.

Anyways, just wanted to let ya'll know what my living conditions are gonna be... in case you were wondering =) I'm gonna go make a green smoothie now. I want that lettuce IN MA BODAY.