21 Jan 2012

chocolate creme brulee pudding

You can't comprehend how decadent, creamy and INSANELY good this pudding is - until you make it.
Got a ripe alligator pear handy? Translation: avocados. They sometimes call 'em alligator pears because of their skin... makes sense.

Moving on: you like Jell-O chocolate pudding? You'll love this. Don't love Jell-O pudding? You'll love this. I know I say this about everything I make (and I'm telling the truth every time, I swear!), but this is SERIOUSLY THE BEST THING EVER.

I'm sorry. My taste buds hold no loyalties, thus they change their loves very easily and frequently. In short: often whatever I'm eating, is the best thing I've ever eaten. 
Having said that - I still like to think my taste buds DO have good taste (no pun intended?). So this pudding really is outta this world.

And guess what? Yep. You got it. This is uber good for ya. SO MAKE/EAT IT ALREADY!

Chocolate Avocado Pudding: makes 2-5 servings 

2 avocados, riper the better
2 Tb coconut oil (sorta optional)
1/3 cup honey/agave/maple syrup
A few dates soaked in water
1/2 cup cacao
2 t vanilla extract
1/4 cup mesquite (or add more cacao)
Pinch of salt
1/2 - 1 cup non-dairy milk/water 

1/2 bar dark chocolate (50 g), melted (optional)

Blend all ingredients (except chocolate) until smooth; wet first works best, but it doesn't matter too much.
You should have a pudding consistency, so add more things if you need to. Taste it. =)
Spoon into ramekins or bowls. Pour melted chocolate over the tops and spread it evenly, but try not to mix it with pudding. 
You can sprinkle some coconut or something else over top if you want. It makes it perdy.
Refrigerate til the chocolate hardens - and there ya go!


Laura James said...

Just made it! AMAZING!

Em von Euw said...

It IS! Thank you. The simplest and best pudding... I still can't believe it.

Lindsey MM said...

I had this last night for dessert and I have some leftover for lunch. Therefore I currently CANNOT WAIT for lunch.
It's insane.
And wonderful.

Em von Euw said...

thanks so much, lindsey!! :D on my juice fast i am definitely going to miss avocado.

Anonymous said...

will make thus for the weekend! psyched!
when are you doing your next juice fast?

Em von Euw said...

In May probably - when school's done! :)

Faith Gauthier said...

Looks sinfully delicious can't wait to try this recipe! Thank You

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet lord, this is unbelievably good! I just devoured half the batch with a bucket of strawberries. I knew it would be good, but I didn't think it would be this amazing ... (I wanted to find an avo/choc mousse recipe that used dates and coconut oil, and your blog was the first and only place I checked!)
x Priya

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily-
I just found your site a few weeks ago while looking for a vegan carrot cake recipe. I cannot wait to try yours. I have been salivating over it since I saw it... I have not closed your site, when I need a break from school work, I parooze your recipes and photos. You are one talented woman... yummy, healthy food an amazing photography skills!!! I just love this site!
Anyway... I very much want to make this Avocado Chocolate Yumminess! ... Can you tell me more about mesquite? Where I can find that? Is it liquid? I have checked the spice section at a few different locations without success.

Em von Euw said...

Hi! :) Hehe I am flattered to hear that. Mesquite is a powder and it can be bought at most health food stores, or online. Here's some great info on it: https://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/mesquite-powder-health-benefits-tips-and-recipes/

Erin Elisabeth said...

Hi Emily! My food processor is working overtime since I discovered your recipes!! Quick question on this one -- how long do you soak the dates for? I tried making this just now, and the caramelly flavor of the dates doesn't seem to be quite seeping into everything else the way I want it to. I'm wondering if I just didn't soak them long enough. Ideas? Thanks for all you do! :)

Em von Euw said...

Ah maybe 30 mins to an hour?

Unknown said...

Just made this fantastic recipe last night for the housemates. They loved it! I added strawberries to cut the richness and... because they are cheap around here at the moment. Thank-you. I look forward to trying more of your recipes...your blog is rad. :)

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering when you say 1/2 cup cacao does that just mean cocoa powder? I have no name brand cocoa powder in my cupboard, can I use that?

Em von Euw said...

Yes! Sorry about that - and yes, you can always use cocoa instead of cacao for my recipes if that works better for you :)

Compliance Hong Kong said...

This looks delicious, I will try it out. Thanks for the recipe.