Sexy and I Know It

Last weekend, my friends and I made stencils to spray-paint t-shirts, bags, and hoodies with. One of my friends is going to the LMFAO concert soon... thus the title of this post, and her stencil (it's one of their songs). We also tried nail marbling! Check it out here. I've made bags before that say "I think, Therefore I Am Vegan" and "Veganism Is For Lovers!" which turned out quite nicely. This time I made my stencil read "Eat Raw - Live Long - Be Sexy".
P.S. Don't judge me for liking LMFAO if you think they're ridiculous. I generally don't like main stream music but sometimes you have to love top hits (although most of the time they are awful). But if it makes you happy, I don't CARE if it's lame top 40! Yes, LMFAO's music is terrible but I love it anyways. It makes you get up, dance and have a good time - there ain't nothing wrong with that.