avocado bliss

This is a super simple, nutritious, quick snack I make whenever we have ripe avocados (is there anything BETTER than a ripe avocado?). 
I used to only add avocados to other things, like nori rolls or in salads; but now I love eating them just as they are. They are a wonderful food. One of my favourites for sure. There is nothing like the creaminess, flavour and colour of an avocado.  

Also, don't be afraid of their fat content! Their fats are SOOOOO good for you. They keep your cells (our cell membranes are made of mostly fats, which are responsible for protecting our cells and moving around cellular materials) moving smoothly and fast, which ultimately allows your metabolism to burn calories more efficiently. Plus our hair, nails and skin are made of fats, so we should keep replenishing those with fresh new ones from whole plant foods like coconut, avocado, durian, olives, sprouted raw nut and seeds, and even bananas. These are the foods to eat for BEAUTY!

There's plenty of books about this subject. I Googled it really quick for ya and this link looked reliable. I encourage you to research this topic for yourself though. You're the best judge =)

Avocado Snack: Serves 1

1 Avocado
1 t Tamari
Walnut Parma or Nutritional Yeast

Cut the avocado in half, and take out the pit. (Try sprouting it so you can have your own avocado tree!) Score both halves, and put on Tamari then Parma/Nutritional Yeast. Eat with a spoon!
Another way to do this - don't add anything! Or add some spicy sauce, or agave/honey... "whatevs"!

The best things in life are the simplest.