Birthday Love Caramel Tart

So it was my Mom's 50th birthday a couple weeks ago and instead of making her a big cake full of white flour, bleached sugar, and the processed milk of another species - I gave her love! In the adorable form of a raw tart. If you have tart shells these are super easy, fun, and impressive looking 'cause of the shape. But all you gotta do is press it into the mold! As usual, raw crusts are about the simplest thing in the world to make, you really cannot mess up. Too sticky? Add more nuts/sprouted flour. Too crumbly? Add more dates/agave/coconut butter. I will be providing a basic raw crust recipe later on.

The filling of this tart was also an on-the-spot creation (you may notice I tend to make my recipes up... as I'm making them up) so I can't reaalllly remember what's in it. But I know it was a delicious concoction of dates, coconut butter, and a lot of cinnamon. Somehow it came out tasting just like caramel! The goji berries on top were for presentation. My mum loved it! And all her friends thought it was great too. The best gifts are from the heart. Not to mention good FOR your heart =)