basic nut milk

Why no dairy? Read this.

This is a very simple recipe for any basic nut milk. I love cinnamon and like things sweet, so I add cinnamon and a date. My favourite nut to use is sprouted cashews, because of their creaminess.

Non-dairy milks are delicious and I recommend anyone to buy EdenSoy Organic Soy Milk. It's totally non-GMO and about as nutritious and environmentally sustainable as you can get. In fact, I wrote an entire university paper on this product. If you don't want to make your own vegan milk - BUY THIS! =) I love supporting great companies.

Having said that, raw vegan milks aren't actually a big part of my diet. But that's just becuase I didn't drink much milk before I was vegan.
If you are (or were) a big milk drinker, then this recipe and other non-dairy milks are a must. It's super easy to make in bulk and tastes divine after it's been in a the fridge for an hour.

Cashew Milk: makes one glass
Small handful cashews or any other nut
Dash of cinnamon
Sweetener if desired (dates, maple syrup, agave)
1-2 cups water

Blend all those guys all together in your high-speed blender and enjoy! Best after being refrigerated for a bit: tall, cold glass o' milk!
(If you want really smooth nut milk, put it through a sieve before drinking.)