When life gives you cashews, dates and cacao powder... make this recipe. It is SO simple and takes only a few minutes to whip up. Then magically the final product is a glorious, moist, chocolately treasure you can share with your lover and/or yourself. It doesn't get better than this. This recipe was mainly copied from the basic brownie recipe in Lisa Viger's new cookbook: Easy, Affordable Raw. You might know Lisa from Raw on $10 a Day, a fabulous website that provides endless ideas for inexpensive, quick raw vegan recipes. Hers was one of my favourite inspirational blogs when I first went vegan and got into raw food. I love the cookbook too. It's basically her website on paper. If you are just starting to get interested in raw food, healthier vegan food, cleansing, sprouting, fermenting, or simply exciting new recipes - I suggest you check the book out. There's tons of useful info inside, plus loads of colourful photos. It's a very practical tool to have in your kitchen. 

Now, about this brownie. Ah. It's perfect. I remember when I jumped into the raw food scene I wasn't sure what desserts were gonna be like. Then I made a carob cake and my world flipped on its head. Raw desserts are YUMMIER then baked! And they are all nutritional powerhouses! It's too good to be true! This is why it's kinda become my mission to never stop sharing the miracle of raw vegan dessert. Hence, this blog and stuff. When I meet new people - no matter the situation - we usually end up talking about veganism. I tell them about banana ice cream and no one ever knows what it is so I explain, get all excited, give them a quick recipe for it and tell them to try it out, they won't be disappointed. I am not really sure how many of these folks actually DO try it when they get home, but at least the information was shared. The point is: I tend to assume everyone already knows everything I currently know... that's just stupid of me though. Banana ice cream is like 35% of my world, but I need to remember that most people have never even heard of it. So that is why I keep bloggin'. Until everyone knows that raw vegan brownies exist, my job is not done. Let's eat! 


Adapted from "Basic Brownie with Chocolate Frosting" in Easy, Affordable Raw by Lisa Viger

1/2 cup dates
1/2 cup cashews 
1/4 cup cacao powder
Pinch of salt

2 teaspoons melted coconut oil
1 tablespoon maple syrup
2 tablespoons cacao powder 

To make the brownie: in a food processor, process the cashews until they are ground finely, then add the rest of the ingredients and process until it all begins to stick together. Press the brownie mix firmly into a cookie or tartlet mold. Refrigerate until it will hold its shape, then carefully take the brownie out of the mold and set aside. 

To make the frosting: mix together the frosting ingredients until smooth and creamy. Spread on top of the brownie and enjoy! I like to chop it up and add it to my banana ice cream

ADAPTIONS: You can use any other nut instead of cashews. You can use carob or cocao instead of cacao. Salt is optional. You can use avocado, cacao butter or coconut butter instead of coconut oil. You can use date paste instead of maple syrup. 

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